NAB 2024

Kinefinity Introduces Cutting-Edge Innovations at NAB 2024

——New 8K Camera, Electronic Viewfinder and KineOS 8.0 Firmware

April 14, 2024; Beijing — Kinefinity is delighted to reveal its lineup of innovations at this year’s NAB show, booth C7310.

New 8K Camera

Among the highly anticipated launches, Kinefinity will unveil a new 8K cinema camera prototype, showcasing the next frontier in ultra-high-definition filmmaking. The new 8K cinema camera features an advanced 8K CMOS sensor, capable of significantly higher frame rates, representing a 20% enhancement and full-frame 4K up to 130fps. Its redesigned SDI module includes ability of 12G SDI and provides three independent SDI outputs with Genlock for Virtual Production. Moreover, the camera’s advanced color science ensures wide gamut compliance with Rec.2020, making it friendly for the ACES workflow. Lastly, the inclusion of an uncompressed RAW codec allows for full-frame 4K RAW recording.

While the new 8K camera prototype will be showcased at the upcoming exhibition, the official release date is yet to be determined.

New Electronic Viewfinder

Complementing this milestone, Kinefinity will present a new SDI Electronic Viewfinder designed to work smoothly with the vast majority of professional cinema cameras on the market.

The Kinefinity Electronic Viewfinder features a Full-HD 0.7” Micro-OLED display with premium optical eyepiece. Supported by 10-bit processing, it ensures exceptional color depth and precision while presenting a broad spectrum of 16 million colors. The EVF utilizes an innovative FPGA-based hybrid processing architecture, achieving rapid boot-up, quick responsiveness, ultra-low power consumption, and virtually no delay in monitoring equipment. With ultra-low power consumption and no fan inside, the EVF operates silently, allowing for an undisturbed filming environment.

The mounting design offers flexibility with ARRI rossette and Movcam quicklock, while its software tools empower filmmakers with essential functions such as Luma Waveform, Peaking, Histogram, False Color, and SDI Metadata, making precise, professional results easily achievable.

*At present, the official pricing for this product has not been disclosed.

Kinefinity new SDI Electronic Viewfinder

KineOS 8.0 Firmware

Kinefinity has unveiled its latest firmware, KineOS 8.0, featuring uncompressed RAW, wide gamut based on Rec.2020, and an enhanced user interface. This comprehensive update aims to provide users with unparalleled flexibility and precision.

KineOS 8.0 introduces uncompressed RAW (DNG file format) with metadata, streamlining the post-production workflow. It supports FF 4K RAW and targets 4K 120fps recording.

The firmware significantly enhances color processing when using ProRes encoding, standardizing the wide gamut based on Rec.2020, and offering compatibility with KineLOG3 or HLG Gamma, ensuring color accuracy and consistency across Kinefinity cameras.

KineOS 8.0 features customizable buttons along with a more intuitive user interface, enhanced notifications, interactivity, and consistently styled dialogue, further enhancing the user experience.

This new firmware is compatible with MAVO Edge and MAVO mark2 cameras, with the beta version set to be showcased at the 2024 NAB.

KineOS 8.0 Uncompressed RAW Codec

The 2024 NAB exhibition is poised to become the ultimate stage for industry professionals and enthusiasts to delve into the latest technological advancements. Kinefinity cordially invites all attendees to visit booth C7310 and witness the unveiling of our entire product line and groundbreaking new additions.