KineMINI 4K Firmware KineOS3.2(05)

This update brings native 3K 4:3 anamorphic recording, 3K M4/3 recording, new notification way and new full screen display with core parameters. 

1. Native 3K 4:3 Anamorphic: Matches anamorphic lens to get super wide images:

  • Recording Resolution: 3K 4:3 2880×2160@30fps;
  • Aspect ratio of 4:3 matches anamorphic lens with factor of 2, so that it will gain CinemaScope frame as 8:3(2.66:1). With the process in post-workflow, it can reach up to 5760×2160 (6K) CinemaScope;
  • For monitoring when shooting at 4:3 with anamorphic lens, you can de-sqeeze the images into normal image by setting anamorphic lens factor in CONFIG menu.


2. 3K Recording and 3K Slow-MoFor shooting at 3K resolution, it will gain much better 2K images with downconversion in post-workflow; and it can get an acceptable 4K images with upconversion in post-workflow too.

  • 3K HD:2880×1520@48fps;
  • 3K Wide:2880×1208@60fps;
  • Frame as M4/3 when 3K Recording.


3. New full screen display with core parameters: Simpler, More efficient full screen display: not only for liveview but also for playback:

  • More Image shown on the display;
  • Display recording status, realtime timecode;
  • Display exposure parameter: Iris, shutter and ISO;
  • Notification and Warning.

4. Improved notification and warning: cameraman will be easier to get the information of power supply voltage and SSD status.

  • Detect Power Supply Voltage, no matter Battery supply or AC-DC supply;
  • Detect SSD status;
  • Detect the temperature of Core Processing Circuit;


5. Improvement:

  • Algorithm of bad pixel removal and storage.
  • Fix the bug of KineRAW(.krw) decoding at some extreme cases.

Note: 3K 4:3 Anamorphic and 3K M4/3 Recording are included in 4K RAW Option.  

Stability of Firmware: Evaluation. Note: Must use with V0.7 KineStation.

Download the new Firmware now: Download Now >> Check the KineStation v0.7 now: Check New KineStation Now >>

Notes: Updating firmware is easy and quick: Download firmware to FAT USB disc; insert it to KineRAW USB port; choose upgrade firmware in Config Menu. Less one minute, the update job is done. It takes effect after reboot.