KineMAX 6K Body

$42 900.00$44 900.00

KineMAX is targeted very high quality film/video delivery including real 4K delivery. It covers 6K, 4K, golden 3K/2K, 1080p, with very high latitude from 14 f-stops up to 16 f-stops. 4K wide up to 100fps as slow-mo, 2K wide up to 225fps as super slow-mo, HiSpeed mode.

6K RAW, 4K 4:3 Anamorphic and 4K HiSpeed option are all INCLUDED.

Buy Kine camera, Get One-Year Renting of SCRATCH for Free.   

The difference of weight between steel KineMOUNT and Ti Alloy KineMOUNT is 160g.

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