Shot on Kinefinity cameras

No matter MAVO LF, MAVO, or TERRA 4K, they feature state-of-art CMOS imaging sensors, and achieve super organic and low-noise images with high dynamic range, stunning details, from sub-S35, S35 to Full Frame.  We will keep updating video works shot by Kinefinity cameras, and some of them have footages for downloading.

If you also want to share your works here, please contact us by Email.

2020.04 The story of Maoran

Camera: MAVO LF;
Lens: MAVO Prime T2.0;
Recording format: ProRes 422HQ, ISO @800-5120;
Director: Bocheng Wan.

Bocheng Wan
All of these features of MAVO LF allow cinematographers to create without any boundaries.

Bocheng Wan / The story of Maoran/Director

2020.01 SHAPLY 2020 SS

Camera: MAVO S35;
Lens: FUJI MK 18-55mm, Samyang 21mm T1.5;
Recording format: ProRes 422HQ, ISO @800;
Resolution: 4K HD Wide (Oversampling) @66fps;
DoP: KT Yang.

KT Yang
I have always been fascinated by the superb image quality and color science brought by the Kinefinity camera! Of course, the fast after-sales service is also an important reason why I have always supported Kinefinity!

KT Yang / SHAPLY 2020 SS/DoP

2019.12 E.L.F

Camera: MAVO;
Lens: Rokinon CINE DS lens;
Recording format: ProRes 422HQ,ISO @800~3200;
DoP: Parris Stewart.

Parris Stewart
There is no doubt that MAVO is really great. I adjusted the ISO to 3200 at the highest, and I still get a very clean image!

Parris Stewart / E.L.F/DoP

2019.11 MISS SIXTY

Camera: MAVO S35;
Lens: FUJI MK 18-55mm, Samyang 21mm T1.5;
Recording format: ProRes 422HQ, ISO @800;
Resolution: 4K HD Wide (Oversampling) @66fps;
DoP: KT Yang.

KT Yang
With the help of the Kinefinity MAVO cine camera, I can focus more on scripts, composition, and light, and art, jumping out of limits and let me see a broader future.


2019.08 AN ELEGY_MAVO LF Review by Raafi Rivero

Camera: MAVO LF;
Lenses: MAVO Prime T2.0 Large Format Cine Lens;
Recording format: ProRes 4444XQ&422, ISO @800-5120;
Director: Raafi Rivero.

The orignal link:

Raafi Rivero
For me, the Mavo LF performed incredibly well over a series of very different conditions. And having access to full-frame is like a turbo booster. I think the camera produces an excellent image and offers great value. I want another one.

Raafi Rivero / Reconnect/Director

2019.7  Whispering Wood

Camera: MAVO;
Lenses: Nikon ais 50mm/f1.4;
Recording format: ProRes422,ISO @200-1600;
Director: Jingxi Zheng;
Dop: Yi Zhao;
Producer: Qiming Yang.

Jingxi Zheng
This is the first time I have used Kinefinity’s camera to shoot a complete project, and MAVO impressed me! Very small, the weight of the whole camera body is only 1KG, almost the same as a SLR camera, but the image quality that the MAVO brings to us is qualitative enthusiasm!
Jingxi Zheng / Whispering Wood/Director

2019.06 Reconnect

Camera: MAVO LF;
Lenses: MAVO Prime T2.0 Large Format Cine Lens;
Filter: Schneider soft FX filter;
Recording format: ProRes 4444XQ, ISO @800-5120;
Director: Raafi Rivero.

The orignal link:

Raafi Rivero
In all, this camera system delivers a mighty wallop and will be the centerpiece of my kit for years to come. In the case of the launch film, any of its limitations are my own as a director, the camera did not hold me back at all.
Raafi Rivero / Reconnect/Director

2019.01 Richmond Hill

Camera: MAVO LF;
Lens: Canon 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L II, Canon 24-70mm f2.8L II, LAOWA 12mm F2.8;
Codec format: ProRes 422, ISO @320-1000;
Cameraman: Philip Bloom;
Edited & Graded by: Philip Bloom.

Link for the video:

2018.10  Test Footages: High ISO, 6K Slow-mo and Open Gate

The following four clips were shot to test MAVO LF on different shooting modes as High native ISO up to 5120, 50fps slow-mo, open gate etc., with three type of lenses:

  • BIRTV-0001-005-A1-178F: ISO up to 8000, 6K 50fps, lens as EZ1 FF 45-135mm T3.0;
  • PRJ-0001-001-A1-F863: ISO as high native 5120, 6K 25fps, lens as MAVO Prime 75mm T2.0;
  • PRJ-0001-017-A1-50A6: ISO as high native 5120, 4.8K 4:3 FF, 25fps, lens as Atlas 65mm T2.8;
  • PRJ-0001-293-A1-494D: ISO 800, 6KOpen Gate, 25fps; MAVO Prime 50mm T2.0.

Note: Atlas Orion anamorphic lens set are for S35 camera, so there are some vintages when shooting with MAVO FF anamorphic mode.

Download four clips from MAVO LF: Download the footages >

2018.9  MAVO LF Footages: Summer in Taiwan

Camera: MAVO LF; Lens: Leitz Summicron-C 35mm 50mm 75mm; filter: Schneider blackmagic 1/8;
Record format: Full Frame in-camera oversampling UHD 3840×2160@30fps, ISO@800~2000;
Codec format: In-camera Apple ProRes4444;
Cameraman: Zhongnian, Youfeng and Lu Xin;
Frame Graded by: Youfeng(Resolve).

Note: Image circle diameter of Summicron-C(35/50/75mm) is 36mm, but their illumination circles can roughly cover MAVO LF 16:9.

Footage Download: Six MAVO LF Clips>

2018.4  MAVO + Orion Anamorphic Shooting

Cameraman: Sean Conley, Qingqing Liu, Raafi; Location: Las Vegas;
Camera: MAVO, S35 6K 6:5, 4864×3984 @40fps, ISO 800/1600;
Lenses: Atlas Orion 40mm;
Graded by: Youfeng.

Footage download links: Four 6K anamorphic MAVO Clips >>.

2018.3  MAVO Test footages:Dark night

Camera: MAVO + EF mounting adapter with KineEnhancer; Lens: Zeiss Milvus Prime set;
Record format: 6K@25fps, ISO@800~2000;
Cameraman and graded by: Youfeng(Resolve);
The teaser of the work will be available in the mid of Apr.

Footage download links: Four 6K MAVO Clips >>.

2018.3  MAVO Test footages: Humble Admin Garden

Camera: MAVO + PL Mounting Adapter; Lens: MAVO Prime Set;
Record Formats: 6K@50fps, ISO@400~1280;
Cameraman, Graded by: Youfeng(Resolve).

Footage download linkTwo 6K MAVO Clips >>.

2018.4  Wake Up

Cameraman, Director, Graded by Louis Mayo; Location: Los Angeles, USA;
Camera: MAVO, EF Mount; Lenses: Sigma Art 18-35mm f/1.8;
Recording format: 6K ProRes422HQ @25fps, 50fps, ISO: 1600-3200;
Graded: Resolve 14.

For the interview with Louis director and more detailed making of this wonderful film, please visit the article.

2017  BIRTV ShowReel

The ShowReel was made from shots by Kine cameras including TERRA 6K, KineMINI 4K, KineMAX 6K. It was edited by Chu Youfeng and was presented at the 2017 BIRTV show.

2017.11  Rhythm

DoP: Cheyne Lempe; Location: Alps Mountain;
Camera: TERRA 6K: Aerial: Mavic Pro; Lenses: Canon 16-35mm 2.8 lens; Helios 44-2 58mm lens;
Recording format: HiSpeed 4K ProRes; Edited by: Dane Henry & Cheyne Lempe; Graded by: Bligh Gillies

Cheyne Lempe
Another work shot by TERRA 6K. If it wasn’t this camera, I could only use a DSLR under that tough shooting environment. The more I shoot with TERRA 6K,
the more I like it. Really a good camera.
Cheyne Lempe / Mountain Hardwear climber//Filmmaker

2017.11  2017 ShowReel by Jimmy Wang

DoP: Jimmy Wang; Location: Beijing;
Camera: TERRA 6K; Lenses: Canon 24-70mm f2.8 II, CP.2, Sigma 18-35 f1.8, Canon16-35 f2.8;
Recording format: 6K&4K&HS 4K ProRes; Edited by: CCC; Graded by: Jimmy Wang;

The image quality is quite good, TERRA 6K inspires me to create more visual works.
Jimmy Wang

2017.10  Italy MV: Totale

DoP: Ben Gnomino; Director: Zavvo Nicolosi; Location: Sicily, Italy;
Camera: TERRA 6K,
EF Mount with KineEnhancer;
Lenses: Canon 28mm 1.8/70-200 2.8, Sigma A 50mm 1.4, Tokina 11-16mm 2.8;
Recording format: 6K KRW @25fps, EI and ISO mode 200-3200 range;
KRW transcoded into cinemaDNG; Grading and VFX: Ben Gnomino (Adobe AE, Camera RAW);
Download footage by: 6K DNG>>.

Ben Gnomino
Shooting with the camera is easy, and I feel pretty fast too.
Ben Gnomino / Ground’s Oranges

2017.9  SJO TARN

DoP: Cheyne Lempe; Location: Norway;
Camera: TERRA 6K; Aerial: Dji Mavic Pro & Phantom 4; Lenses: Canon 16-35 f2.8 & 24-70 f4;
Recording format: HS 4K ProRes; Edited by: Dane Henry;

Cheyne Lempe
This video is shot in Norway during the two weeks climbing, and is the first big project shot by TERRA 6K. I have to say here is no better camera than TERRA 6K with the size, weight and the price. I am so impressed by Kinefinity.
Cheyne Lempe / Mountain Hardwear climber//Filmmaker

2017.8  Commercial: good shop

DoP: Liu Qingqing; Director: Xiaozhou (OPen Studio); Location: Shenzhen;
Lighting: Xia Dong; Art: Zhou Yichun; Makeup: Tanzi;
Camera: TERRA 6K,EF Mounting Adapter with KineEnhancer; Lenses: Schneider Xenon FF-Prime lens set;
Recording format: S35 4K, ProRes; Edited by: Xiaozhou (Adobe Premiere); Graded by: Xiaozhou, Zhou Yaru;
Forum: BTS>>. Link for the video:


This video was shot under low light and high light ratio. I can easily control the style of such type of shooting, thanks to the sharpness and low noise of TERRA 6K.

Xiaozhou / OPen STUDIO

2017.7  2017 Sanqi Short Film Competition, Best Director winner: Dream

DoP: Qin Shuai; Director: Zokki (LOGIMAGE Studio); Location: Shanghai;
Camera: TERRA 6K, PL Mounting Adapter and EF Mounting Adapter with KineEnhancer;
Lenses: Zeiss Milvus EF-Prime lens set, 15/21/35/50/85mm, GL modified Sigma 18-35;
Recording format: S35 4K, 4K HiSpeed@75fps, ProRes; ISO@200~800;
Edited by: Zokki (FCP X); Graded by:
Chu Youfeng (Resolve);
Download footages by: five 4K ProRes footages>>.
More about this short film, Learn More>.

This video won the award “Best Director” of 10th Sanqi Short Film Competition held by Filmaker Forum.

Shooting with compact TERRA plus Zeiss Milvus lens is very easy and fast. No need for a film crew, we just make it done by Easyrig and balance car. Compact TERRA with EF KineEnhancer adapter allows more choices for hand-held and shoulder occassion.
Zokki / LogImage STUDIO

2017.6  TERRA 6K+Helix Jr.+ Vehicle system: night shot of Las Vegas

This is a test video shot by TERRA 6K and Letus Helix Jr. on light-vehicle system.
Lens: Zeiss Milvus 85mm prime lens; Recording format: S35 4K HiSpeed@75fps, ProRes; ISO@800;downl
Edited by: Chu Youfeng (Adobe Premiere); Graded by: Chu Youfeng (Resolve);

2017.5  Rough

DoP: Clinton Harn; Location: Sydney (Australia);
Camera: TERRA 6K; Lens: Canon 24-105mm f4;
Recording format: HS 4K ProRes; Editing: Adobe Premiere; Grading: Premiere Lumetri.

2017.4  MV: ATF

DoP: Abon; Location: Shanghai;
Camera: TERRA 6K; Lenses: Angenieux 25-250, Zeiss CP.2;
Recording format: 4K ProRes; Edited & Graded by: Bachejian.

2017.3  TERRA 6K Skintones Test

DoP: Rob (SlashCAM); Location: Germany;
Camera: TERRA 6K; EF Mount with KineEnhancer; Lens: Zeiss CP2 85mm.
Recording format: 6K KRW, transcoded into DNG; Edited/Graded by: Rob (DaVinci Resolve 12.5).
SlashCAM Original Text (German).

As always, colors are a matter of taste – but we’re pretty excited about the Kinefinity Terra 6K when it comes to skin tone interpretation.
Rob / SlashCAM

2016.12  TERRA Aerial Test in Switzerland

DoP: Ricardo Perret,Niels Epting; Location: Switzerland;
Camera: TERRA 6K; Lens: Sigma 18-35mm f1.8; Drone: Freefly Alta 8; Stabilizer: Freefly Movi M15;
Recording format: S35 6K@25fps ProRes.

2016.11  2016 the New Studio Short Film Competition, Best Cinematography: Recall

DoP: Qin Shuai; Director: Zokki, Ma Yongxian (LogImage STUDIO); Location: Shanghai;
Camera: TERRA 6KEF Mount with KineEnhancer;
Lenses: Zeiss CP2, Canon 70-200mm f2.8 and 100mm Macro;
Recording format: S35 6K, 4K HiSpeed@75fps, ProRes; ISO@200~800;
Edited by: Zokki /span> (FCP X); Graded by: Chu Youfeng (Resolve);
Download clips by: Ten 6K and 4K ProRes clips >>. For more information about this video: Learn More >

Winner of Best Cinematography (the 1st New Studio Short Film Competition, 2016)


The script, shooting, editing and grading of this short film were finished in one week for the competition. Thanks to high performance of TERRA with great mobility, the filming was completed efficiently, economically and elegantly.

Zokki / LogImage STUDIO

Note: the copyright of the videos and clips are reserved to the original authors.