Recall (shot with TERRA 6K)

DoP: Qin Shuai; Director: Zhang Cheng & Ma Yongxian (LogImage STUDIO); Location: Shanghai;
Camera: TERRA 6K, EF Mount with KineEnhancer;
Lens: Zeiss CP2, Canon 70-200mm f2.8 and 100mm Macro;
Recording format: S35 6K, 4K HiSpeed@75fps, as ProRes422HQ; Setting: ISO@320~1600;
Edit by: Ma Xianyong (FCP X);
Graded by: Chu Youfeng (Resolve).

Awarded as the Best Cinematographythe 1st New Studio Short Film Competition, 2016

The script, shooting, editing and grading of this short film were finished in one week for the competition. Thanks to high performance of TERRA with great mobility, the filming was completed efficiently, economically and elegantly.
Zokki / LogImage STUDIO

The online video as:

Four clips of 6K and 4K in HiSpeed mode, recorded as ProRes422HQ (in-cam recording):

Footages Download (Dropbox) >>

You can download them and grade them.

This is the screenshot of this short film (the screenshot doesn’t represent the image quality of the film due to compression. You can try to grade the clips by yourself).

Gears used in the film:

Camera: TERRA 6K, native EF Mount (with KineEnhancer);
Lens: Zeiss CP2, Canon 70-200mm f2.8 and 100mm Macro;
Power: Integrated V-mount plate (KineBACK), ROLUX battery;
Supporting: Trix/Teris Tripod V15L, slide and shoulder pack.

zokki_recall_2016_bts_3 zokki_recall_2016_bts_1 zokki_recall_2016_bts_2