Black Friday Event 2021

Celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Kinefinity. Save up to 40% off with selected items.

  • Enjoy one FREE Kinefinity Screwdriver with your purchase of $1,000 USD or more.
  • Enjoy one FREE MAVO Edge 8K T-shirt with any payment.
  • Free delivering for orders over $1,000 USD.

— Customers in the United States, please visit the US official website: for promotion details;

— Customers in the Europe, please visit the European official website: for promotion details;

— Customers from other regions with dealer such as Canada, please contact the local dealer for promotion details.

If there is no dealer in the area, please place the order on our official online store. The specific discount is as following:

The event begins on November 26, 2021, and ends on November 29, 2021 (GMT+8 Time).

Make your best choice with the best discounts.

Digital Cinema Camera,up to 30% USD

Special Discount,up to 40% off

1. Mounting Adapter

* 2nd generation Mounting Adapters, support EF/PL Lenses on TERRA 6K/4K and MAVO 6K/LF.

2. KineBACK 3

* Camera extension module, supports TERRA 4K and MAVO 6K/LF produced since May, 2018. Not available with MAVO Edge 8K.

3. KineMAG+ SSD

* SATA interface SSD, supports TERRA 6K/4K, MAVO 6K/LF. Not available with MAVO Edge 8K.

Other Products,up to 25% off

1. Mounting Adapter

2. Power Devices



This offer is valid only during the promotion period, while supplies last.

All orders will be shipped out within 10 days.