Dark Billiard Room Shot on KR-S35

Cameraman: Matthew Allard, Dan Chung; Location: Hong Kong
Lens: Nikon and Canon camera Lenses;
Record Format: Cineform RAW mov
Graded:Gao Ming (Davinci Resolve)
Another Graded Version (with De-noise): Liu Qingqing(Davinci Resolve; NeatVideo)

Dark Billiard Room

Some Screenshots from the video (Click to browse full images)
There are eleven graded video clips as ProRes422HQ format: 11 graded video clips >>
Graded in Davinci Resolve and de-noised by Neatvideo (NEAT VIDEO 3.2.0 64BIT FOR FCPX).
Some Screenshots from the video (Click to browse full images):
Shot_2012_10_Billiard2_4 Shot_2012_10_Billiard2_5 Shot_2012_10_Billiard2_3 Shot_2012_10_Billiard2_2 Shot_2012_10_Billiard2_1

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Online Video:


There are eleven footages for downloading. All are Cineform RAW mov. Most scenes were shot on ISO800, ISO1280 and ISO1600.
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