Black Friday Promotion

PROMOTION TIME: 2020.11.27-2020.11.30 (Beijing Time).

NO.1 High Performance Battery

Old version KineBAT 120 Wh is designed specifically to match TERRA and other small cinema camera. It can even be placed in palm, with up to 120Wh power. TERRA detects the battery and displays the remaining time when attached to V-mount.

Whole-new PD KineBAT updades traditional D-Tap ports to two PD type-c ports. The new battery is not only applicable to filmmaking scenarios, but as a high capacity portable battery to rapid charge type-c laptop like Macbook Pro and smartphone like iPhone or other devices. It is very slim to use on the stabilizer or handheld.

NO.2 KineMON-7H with very few dead pixels

KineMON-7H is the high-bright 7″ monitor made by Kinefinity dedicated to MAVO/TERRA. It features 1000nit high brightness screen, 7-inch display, 1080p full-HD and 16M colors, to bring sharp and clear image on the beautiful display.

In this activity, the KineMON-7H is with less than three dead pixels on the high-bright screen. Certainly, it is capable of use in most scenarios.

  1. Camera body, Handheld Pack, Core Pack and Production Pack (battle-tested camera not included) for MAVO LF, MAVO and TERRA 4K;
  2. KineBACK-W, KineBACK Lite;
  3. KineMAG 500GB;
  4. KineEVF Full-HD OLED Viewfinder;
  5. KineMON-5U Ultra-Bright Monitor, Kine Video Cord;
  6. E Mounting Adapter, EF Mounting Adapter II, EF Mounting Adapter w/ e-ND, EF Mounting Adapter II w/ KineEnhancer, PL Mounting Adapter II, PL Mounting Adapter w/ e-ND;
  7. SideGrip;
  8. KineKIT;
  9. Kinefinity Electric Screwdriver.