2020 Double Eleven Spree

PROMOTION TIME: 2020.11.11-2020.11.12 (Beijing Time).

NO.1 MAVO LF Battled-tested MAVO LF, only available this time.

MAVO LF, new and large-frame cine camera, 6k 75fps with 5120/800 Dual Native ISO brings stunning details, organic image and exceptional image quality, more immersive presence.
The battle-tested MAVO LF origins from expo, trial or test. After careful adjustment and recalibration, the refurbished one almost comes with same performace as brand-new MAVO LF.

NO.2 High Performance Battery

Whole-new PD KineBAT updades traditional D-Tap ports to two PD type-c ports. The new battery is not only applicable to filmmaking scenarios, but as a high capacity portable battery to rapid charge type-c laptop like Macbook Pro and smartphone like iPhone or other devices. It is very slim to use on the stabilizer or handheld.

NO.3 KineMON-7H with very few dead pixels

KineMON-7H is the high-bright 7″ monitor made by Kinefinity dedicated to MAVO/TERRA. It features 1000nit high brightness screen, 7-inch display, 1080p full-HD and 16M colors, to bring sharp and clear image on the beautiful display.

In this activity, the KineMON-7H is with less than three dead pixels on the high-bright screen. Certainly, it is capable of use in most scenarios.

NO.4 MAVO Prime Lenses

  1. Camera body, Handheld Pack, Core Pack and Production Pack (battle-tested camera not included) for MAVO LF, MAVO and TERRA 4K;
  2. KineBACK-W, KineBACK Lite;
  3. KineMAG 500GB;
  4. KineEVF Full-HD OLED Viewfinder;
  5. KineMON-5U Ultra-Bright Monitor, Kine Video Cord;
  6. E Mounting Adapter, EF Mounting Adapter II, EF Mounting Adapter w/ e-ND, EF Mounting Adapter II w/ KineEnhancer, PL Mounting Adapter II, PL Mounting Adapter w/ e-ND;
  7. SideGrip;
  8. KineKIT;
  9. Kinefinity Electric Screwdriver.