Only today, discount off is up to 50%.  It was closed at 23:59, 11 Nov, 2016.

50% discount off:

  1. 50% discount off: 4K Recording Option; Fit: KineMINI;
  2. 50% discount off: HiSpeed Recording Option; Fit: KineMINI;
  3. 50% discount off: WIFI Control Option; Fit: KineMINI;
  4. 50% discount off: 3D SYNC Option; Fit: KineMINI & KineMAX.

30% discount off:

  1. 30% discount off: KineKIT-MINI ; Fit: KineMINI;
  2. 30% discount off: KineKIT-MINI Riser: Fit: KineMINI;
  3. 30% discount off: KineKIT-MAX; Fit: KineMAX;
  4. 30% discount off: All mounting adapter (first generation): Fit: KineMINI and KineMAX with KineMOUNT only. (Note: NOT fit TERRA)

10% discount off:

  1. 10% discount off: NiSi IR ND filter: Fit all cameras;
  2. 10% discount off: Movcam Battery Plate (MOCO locking type);
  3. 10% discount off: Trix/Teris Pro Tripod KIT.

Note: the order is not valid until payment is clear before ending time. Kinefinity Inc. reserves the right of final explanation of the event.