Firmware KineOS 7.0

Kinefinity officially released the KineOS 7.0 firmware for the MAVO Edge camera.

This firmware update has redesigned the User Interface, combined with new touchscreen functions and new menus to improve the interactive experience while simplifying the workflow, making it easy for photographers to get a more perfect experience.

In addition, KineOS 7.0 supports Cooke/i protocol lens information access recording, compatible with NTFS/HFS file system. The whole functions have also been significantly upgraded.

1. New User Interface for Touchscreen Function

1) Full-screen touching operation

With the new-released KineMON-5U2 or KineMON-7U2, the touch screen combined with the buttons can quickly adjust all in-cam parameters, simplify the workflow and allow photographers to easily obtain a better user experience.

a. Vertical shortcut menu: Optimize the interface and font size. And the interface is larger while used smoothly. 

b. Arc rectangle fine-tuning selection: Match long press function of the body button. Increase at right and decrease at left for precise parameter adjustment.

c. Multi-dimensional parameter control: Eight parameters can be quickly adjusted. Real-time click is intuitive and efficient.

2) Logical and intuitive new menu 

a. Redefined five models: Menu logic fitting with the actual operation

b. New sub-menu grouping: Clearer categorization of functions and more efficient management

3) More parameter display

a. New medium-sized waveform graph and exposure scale markers

b. New camera position in the monitoring interface

c. Side screen information display the recording information, easily to access shooting information


2.Support  for Cooke/i Protocol and Preserve Lens Metadata

Preserve each frame of key lens information to provide more free creative space for post-production.

1)  Accurately record scene data: Synchronize time code frame by frame in post-production. Not only eliminates the possibility of human error, but also guarantees the concentration of the shooting scene.

2)Saving time and cost: Metadata information such as focal length, aperture and depth of field are saved directly to SSD card.

3) Simplify the post-production workflow: The post-production process, from director to special effects artist, from director to producer, is simplified to achieve faster film production.


3. Multiple File Systems and Strong Storage Compatibility

KineOS 7.0 supports two file formats NTFS/HFS to choose from, provide better compatibility: 

1) HFS: KineMAG Nano 1TB supports read-only function and RAID 5 redundancy, which significantly improves the security and robustness of in-camera write the copy cards.

2. NTFS: KineMAG Nano 1TB supports RAID 5 redundancy, which also provides a strong guarantee for data security.

Note: KineMAG Nano body does not have read-only function and RAID5 redundancy when using unoptimized third-party M.2 SSD.


4. Other New Functions or Improvements

1) New shutter fine-tuning function: Reducing the high-frequency flicker caused by artificial light source.

2) Update the built-in LUT color science: Optimize the color accuracy and improve the exposure accuracy.

3) New time zone settings: Starting creation whenever and wherever possible.

4) Variety of new recording resolution: 

  • FF 4K Wide 70fps (4096×1692);
  • FF 4K HD 2.4:1 70fps (3840×1600);
  • S35 4K HD 2.4:1 72fps (3840×1600);
  • M4/3 4K Wide 130fps (4096×1692);
  • FF 8K Wide 70fps(8192×3384)。

5. Fix Bugs

1. Fixed the problem that the APP Live View interface cannot record;
2. Optimized the algorithm of dark spot removal to improve the accuracy of dark spot removal;
3. Improve the stability of KineMAG Nano during recording;
4. Optimized the situation that the playback of abnormal material may cause the camera to be abnormal;
5. Improve the stability of the camera in Anamorphic mode.

Download MAVO Edge 8K firmware: MAVO Edge 8K KineOS7.0 firmware>

Instruction: Download firmware KineOS 7.029 to FAT/FAT32 USB stick; insert it to USB port of Kine camera; choose upgrade firmware as [Config–>system–>firmware upgrade]. The update job is done about 30 minutes. It takes effect after reboot.

Note: The firmware version before KineOS6.745 needs to be updated to KineOS6.745 first. After the update is successful and rebooted, it can be  updated to KineOS 7.0. After the update is complete successfully, it needs to enter the Calibration mode to calibrate the black balance.

NoteMust remove the lens and mounting adapters before update. Upgrading the firmware takes about 30 minutes, never lose power during the process, else it needs to be sent back for repair.

Note: If with the KineMON-5U/7U or KineEVF connected, the firmware must be updated twice. After the first time update, please reboot the camera; after the second time update, please do factory reset and reboot.