Firmware KineOS 7.1

Kinefinity officially released the firmware KineOS 7.1 for MAVO Edge cameras.

KineOS 7.1 has fully optimized and upgraded the SDI function.

While monitoring, SDI status bar and menu can fully display on the screen. More SDI frame rate settings and trigger recording function has been added

KineOS 7.1 also adds a variety of anamorphic options to adapt to more anamorphic lenses, allowing to shoot cine-like film.

Many small functions has also been optimized in this updating: improved response speed while switching between preview and playback mode, new designed VU meter, more blanking display options and more logical monitor operating methods.

1. All-round Upgrade for SDI

In addition to the greatly improved monitoring image quality, the newly added SDI menu helps cameraman to fully control the parameters.

1) SDI menu and status bar

Switching from the monitoring image with/without parameter information.

2) SDI frame rate setting

Set the SDI frame rate followiong the project frame rate, achieving greater freedom of SDI monitoring while preventing misuse.

3) Record/Stop trigger

Trigger recording function through SDI, which highly optimizes the work flow and coordinates work on and off set with efficiency.

4) Greatly improved image quality

Improve the SDI image quality and reduce additional false color interference, gaining perfect monitoring on set.

*FF 4K, S35 4K and other popular resolutions have significant image quality improvements.

2. Full-frame Anamorphic Options 

 Various of anamorphic options has been added to adapt to more anamorphic lenses, allowing cinemaman to shoot cine-like film.

  1. More 3:2 resolutions have been added: shoot FF 3:2 images with frame rate up to 50fps, adapting to spherical lens and anamorphic lens at the same time

MAVO Edge 8K

1)FF 7.2K 3:2 (7168×4760)

2)FF 4.8K 3:2 (4864×3176)

3)S35 6K 3:2 (6144×3840)

4)S35 4K 3:2 (4096×2560)

MAVO Edge 6K

1)FF 5.7K 3:2 (5760×3700)

2)FF 3.8K 3:2 (3840×2460)

3)S35 4K 3:2 (4096×2700)

2. Newly added FF anamorphic  resolution:

MAVO Edge 8K

1)6.4K 4:3 (6400×4760)

2)5.7K 6:5 (5760×4760)

3)4.2K 4:3 (4224×3176)

4)3.8K 6:5 (3840×3176)

MAVO Edge 6K

1)5K 4:3 (5120×3700)

2)4.6K 6:5 (4608×3700)

3)3.4K 4:3 (3456×2460)

4)3K 6:5 (3072×2460)

3. Newly added S35 resolution:

MAVO Edge 8K

1)5K 4:3 (5120×3840)

2)4.8K 6:5 (4864×3840)

3)3.4K 4:3 (3456×2560)

4)3K 6:5 (3072×2560)

MAVO Edge 6K

1)3.2K 6:5 (3328×2700)

2)3.6k 4:3(3712X2700)

3)2.7K 1:1(2688X2688)

3. More optimized functions

  1. Monitor Function Upgrade: Simplified focus assisting operation; Optimized operation logic of the monitor knob; full peaking focus area
  2. Improved response speed: rapid reponse when switching between preview and playback mode;
  3. New VU meter design: The VU meter adds scale marks -2dBFS, -5dBFS, -9dBFS, -18dBFS, -20dBFS for more professional and intuitive audio data.

4. Bug Fix

  1. Fixes an issue that may cause the audio file incomplete in rare cases;
  2. Fixes an issue that may cause the monitor image to flick while booting up under certain settings;
  3. Fixes an issue that may cause the image to have a slight color shift while changing ISO settings;
  4. Fixes an issue that may cause the waveform graph unstable.

Download MAVO Edge 8K firmware: Download Firmware 7121>

Download MAVO Edge 6K firmware: Download Firmware 7121>

Instruction: Download firmware KineOS 7.1 to FAT/FAT32 USB stick; insert it to USB port of Kine camera; choose upgrade firmware as [Config–>system–>firmware upgrade]. The update job is done about 30 minutes. It takes effect after reboot.

Note: The firmware version before KineOS7.0 needs to be updated to KineOS7.0 first. After the update is successful and rebooted, it can be  updated to KineOS 7.1. After the update is complete successfully, it needs to enter the Calibration mode to calibrate the black balance.

Note: Must remove the lens and mounting adapters before update. Upgrading the firmware takes about 30 minutes, never lose power during the process, else it needs to be sent back for repair.