KineOS 4.1 (For KineMAX 6K Only)

The update supports status display on the LCD at the left side panel of KineMAX, and multi Kine cameras syncing with KineSync device. 1. Enable the function of LCD at Side panel:
  • Core parameters status of the shot: Iris(if active EF lens), Shutter, ISO, WB etc. ;
  • Quick check the status of the camera body: Core temp, Battery voltage, SDI, WIFI and KineAudio, etc.
2. Syncing of Multi KineMAX cameras
  • Enable Eight Kine cameras into perfect syncing like 3D shooting, with the help of KineSync device;
  • Supports multi Kine cameras and multi KineSync devices in Chain.

Stability of Firmware: Evaluation. Note: Must use with V0.86 KineStation.kinemax_side_lcd_display_kineos4p1_akinemax_side_lcd_display_kineos4p1_bThe photos: Courtesy of Canbox Production Company.

Download Firmware of KineMAX 6K: Download KineMAX firmware >>
Access KineStation v0.86: Check the latest v0.86 KineStation >
Notes: Updating firmware is easy and quick: Download firmware to FAT USB stick; insert it to USB port of Kine camera; choose upgrade firmware in Config Menu. The update job is done in less two minute. It takes effect after reboot. Strongly suggest to restore to factory setting after reboot to prevent unexpected setting conflict with new firmware. And reboot two times.