KineStation V0.86

The upgrade of KineStation from v0.7 to v0.8 is a major update: support KRW2.0, output ProRes from 422 to 4444XQ, support KineMAX HiSpeed, and more.
    1. Support New KineRAW(KRW) 2.0: KRW 2.0 from sequenced-based file to packed file:
    2. Support New KineLOG3Improved KineLOG, turns into more smooth highlight and easier to be graded.
    3. Transcode into ProRes codec:
      • Up to ProRes 4444, 4444XQ;
      • Also output ProRes422LT, 422 and 422HQ;
      • Only output ProRes with KineLOG, not burned with on-site LUT.
    4. Support KineMAX HiSpeed:
      • 4K Wide up to 100fps @S35 framing;
      • 3K Wide up to 150fps @M4/3 framing;
      • 2K Wide up to 225fps @S16 framing.
    5. Improve the debayer on HiSpeed clips to reduce moire and aliasing;
    6. Support transcoding single shot.
Stability of this version: Evaluation. Note: work with KineOS4.0.

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