KineOS5.1 (for TERRA 6K)

KineOS5.1 only applies to TERRA 6K shipped before Jan 20, 2016. The update covers optimization on in-camera debayer algorithm, improving image quality of ProRes; Improvement on monitoring video path; Support NTFS file system on SSD; Support new KineBAT-120W; Fix some bugs and improve stability.

1. Optimization on in-camera debayer algorithm

TERRA has ability to record ProRes at all resolution and frame rate. In-camera debayer algorithm plays a critical role on final image quality because ProRes is non-RAW codec. 

  • The new in-camera debayer algorithm is optimized to get richer details of image, then get sharper look, especially for shadow.
  • Monitoring image gets better off due to new debayer algorithm too. 

2. Improvement on monitoring

  • New in-camear debayer algorithm also provides better monitoring, more details and sharper image;
  • More gradation, much less banding on monitoring images due to adding more bits on monitoring path.

3. Support NTFS file system of SSD

  • TERRA provides NTFS file system of SSD. NTFS is more friendly for Windows platforms;
  • For MAC users, HFS can be chosen as before;
  • Strongly recommend to format SSD in-camera before using it. The file system of SSD when formatting is dependent on the choice of configuration. (Configuration-->system-->file system: NTFS or HFS)

4. Others

  • Support KineMOUNT II (active), PL mounting adapter II(active), EF mounting adapter II(active). New adapters provides better stability both mechanically and electronically;
  • Support Multi-Function Battery Grip: SideGrip;
  • Support new KineBAT, and indicates capacity of new battery;
  • Fix KineAudio minoring issue;
  • Fix issue of switching ProRes and KineRAW;
  • Fix other bugs and improve stability.

Stability of this version: Evaluation. Note: work with KineStation V0.9.

Courtesy of Movcam (Movcam tech)。

Download firmware for TERRA 6K is disabled. Please download latest firmware as KineOS5.2.

Download KineStation v0.9: Check KineStation v0.9 >

Instructions: Firmware upgrading for TERRA: download firmware to FAT/FAT32 USB stick; insert it to USB port of Kine camera; choose upgrade firmware in Config-->system-->upgrade firmware Menu. The update job is done about ten minutes. It takes effect after reboot.

Note: The firmware upgrading of TERRA takes about 15 minutes, never lose power during the process, else it needs to be sent back for repair.

Suggestion: Strongly suggest to restore to factory setting after reboot to prevent unexpected setting conflict with new firmware.