KineOS5.2 (for TERRA 6K)

KineOS5.2 is only for TERRA 6K. The update covers improving monitoring image quality; allowing different FPS for monitoring; much more responsive on UI; activating Low-power Mode on SideGrip, supporting fast-forward or fast-reverse when playback, changing the working principle when applying external TC, lowering the minimum sensor fps to 2fps and supporting e-ND adapters.

1. Improving the monitoring image quality:

The real-time monitoring image quality is highly improved:

  • Improve monitoring algorithm to get better monitoring image quality;
  • Reduce latency of monitoring;
  • Support different monitoring frame rate such as 23.976fps, 24fps, 25fps, 29.97fps, 30fps, 50fps, 59.94fps and 60fps, making HD-SDI or 3G-SDI possible;
  • Better compatibility for third-party monitors.

2. More responsive:

It’s more efficient while set ISO or switch between 3D LUT, and also more fluent operation when set the e-ND(electronic ND) adapters.

3. Low-power Mode available:
One more function on SideGrip, the low-power Mode is now available:

  • SideGrip supports low power consumption at Low-power Mode (press twice on the Low-power Mode button);
  • Help you save the GripBAT power and the time to reboot the camera as well.

4. Fast-forward & Fast-reverse and Audio Monitoring for SDI

  • Allow fast-forward or fast reverse by 5 seconds under Playback Mode;
  • Support loop playback of the current clip.

5. Support Adapters with e-ND

TERRA with KineMOUNT can use the adapters with e-ND, change stops by Multifunction Wheel.

6. Others:

  • The minimum sensor fps is lowered to 2fps;
  • Zebra is applicable now at Golden 3K;
  • While transcoding the KRW clips into CinemaDNG by KineStation, the KineLOG3 is burned into the clips;
  • External timecode setup and display more intuitively;
  • Waveform display at RAW mode, the wave shows data with LOG;
  • Auto White Balance works with codec ProRes;
  • Enlarge the volume range of in-camera MIC and 3.5mm MIC;
  • SSD indicator works;
  • Improve the safety and stability of adapters when attached EF lenses;
  • Improve the security of SSD file system;
  • Support more EF lenses under Enhanced mode;
  • Fix the noise near highlights for some scenes;
  • Fix the unstable status due to low SSD speed;
  • Support more codecs for 3D shooting;
  • Fix abnormal boots;
  • Fix other bugs.

Stability of this version: Evaluation. Note: work with KineStation V0.9.

Photo Courtesy of Canbox Production.

Download firmware for TERRA 6K:   Download TERRA Firmware >>

Download KineStation v0.9: Check KineStation v0.9 >

Instructions: Firmware upgrading for TERRA: download firmware to FAT/FAT32 USB stick; insert it to USB port of Kine camera; choose upgrade firmware in Config-->system-->upgrade firmware Menu. The update job is done about fifteen minutes. It takes effect after reboot.

Note: The firmware upgrading of TERRA takes about 15 minutes, never lose power during the process, else it needs to be sent back for repair.

Suggestion: Strongly suggest to restore to factory setting after reboot to prevent unexpected setting conflict with new firmware.