Star Show TVC II HNTV by KR-S35

Cameraman: Xiaohu Fang; Location: Changsha (China)
Lens: GL Converted Lens (ZE);
Codec: Cineform RAW 1080p;
Graded by: Qingqing Liu

It is ‘normal’ graded verison finished by Qingqing using Davinci Resolve 9.0 Lite. Some screenshots as following (Click to view large images): Screenshots are divided in three type: RAW LOG/RAW+LUT/Graded output.

Shots_HNTV_Maggie_3_UngradedShots_HNTV_Maggie_3_KineColorShots_HNTV_Maggie_3_Graded Shots_HNTV_Maggie_2_Ungraded Shots_HNTV_Maggie_2_KineColor Shots_HNTV_Maggie_2_Graded Shots_HNTV_Maggie_1_Ungraded Shots_HNTV_Maggie_1_KineColor Shots_HNTV_Maggie_1_Graded

Shots_HNTV_Maggie_4_Ungraded Shots_HNTV_Maggie_4_KineColor Shots_HNTV_Maggie_4_Graded


Online Video:

There are three clips to be downloaded, all in Cineform RAW mov.

Click to Download >>
Camera: KineRAW-S35, with PL mount;

Lens: GL Lens (ZE lens converted);

Field Monitor: SONY CLM-V55 LCD monitor;

Audio Recording: H4N.