PD KineBAT 150 Trade-in Program


PD KineBAT 150

Time of Application:

From now to 2022 December 31st

Trade-in Method

1. Please complete the information registration form first.

2. Contact the local dealer from whom you purchased your KineBAT batteries to ship back and replace them.

3. Contact the local dealer, or contact Kinefinity official through email if you meet any difficulties.

Trade-in Program:

  • All the PD KineBAT 150 batteries can be replaced to PD KineBAT 200 with US$149 trade-in price.

Trade-in To


KineBAT 150

KineBAT 200



All the KineBAT 150 battery is involved in the trade-in program.

Fill in the registration form first and we would contact you through email.

Or you could directly contact with the dealer from whom you purchased the batteries.

The serial number or the receipt is needed to make the trade-in.

All the KineBAT 150 battery is involved in the trade-in program. Please contact with the local dealer to replace it.

You could coutinue to use it. But we highly recommend you participate in this favorable trade-in program.

  1. We suggest you to stop using the KineBAT 150 and participate in our trade-in program.
  2. Discharge the battery until it is depleted.
  3. Contact the local dealer and ship back the battery under their instruction.