A Special Notice about PD KineBAT 75/150

PD KineBAT 75 has been providing continuous and reliable power supply for cameras and other equipment since its launch in 2019. In recent times, Kinefinity has received report that a very small number of KineBAT 75 batteries may overheat and pose a potential safety risk with long-term use. 

Out of an abundance of caution and care for the safety of our customers, Kinefinity has decided to immediately discontinue KineBAT 75. We advise all customers to stop using their KineBAT 75 battery and upgrade it to the new PD KineBAT 99, free of charge.

PD KineBAT 99/200 is our newly-released V-mount battery, providing dual D-TAP ports and dual USB-C ports. It features a much larger capacity and extended battery life when compared with the previous generation of PD KineBAT, providing continuous and reliable power supply for standard V-mount camera systems. To reward our clients, we will also offer a trade-in program from KineBAT 150 to KineBAT 200 with a favorable trade-in price.

Kinefinity will implement relevant initiative conveniently and efficiently, and make every effort to avoid inconvenience to consumers.

Please check the KB75 free-upgrade program and KB150 trade-in program for the details.