KineColor2 LUT (beta): Neutral Look

KineColor2 LUT restores Cineform LOG footages to Neural look, so that it can be used as starting point of grading, or quick workflow. This LUT is to be loaded in DI software, like Davinci Resolve, not used for in-camera usage.

  1. Only apply to Cineform RAW/RGB444 footages, NOT apply to CinemaDNG directly;
  2. Generally, it suits for 5600K captured images by Kine cameras;
  3. Fits for KineRAW-MINI, KineRAW-S35 and KineMINI 4K (Firmware KineOS3.0, not 3.1 or above).
  4. It is Cube files.

The LUT:Evaluation

Download LUT Now: Download it Now >>