KineMINI 4K Firmware KineOS3.0 (33)

This update is to optimise the name of clips/DNG/Cineform mov, optimise internal buffering, power saving functions, as listed below:

  1. OptimiseInternal Buffering, to benefit HiSpeed mode;
  2. Add alert as FLUSH when writing SSD to avoid unintended operations;
  3. Change the naming convention of clips to avoid possible naming conflict;
  4. New naming convention benefits the post workflow of CinemaDNG;
  5. Optimise liveview mechanism to fix the bug when full SSD with large volume;
  6. Provide power switches to turn off the SDI and WIFI module to save power when using battery;
  7. New detection on handgrip battery voltage (normal 7.5~11.5V), threshold as 8.5V.

Stability of Firmware: Evaluation. Caution: Must use with V0.5 KineStation for Transcoding.

Download the new Firmware now: Download Now >>
Check the KineStation v0.55 now: Check New KineStation Now >>

Notes: Updating firmware is easy and quick: Download firmware to FAT USB disc; insert it to KineRAW USB port; choose upgrade firmware in Config Menu. Less one minute, the update job is done. It takes effect after reboot.