KineOS3.1 (06) for KineMINI 4K

This firmware supports brand-new lossless compression codec as KineRAW, improved colour science; and add quick switch between different preset modes, like 4K and HiSpeed mode, add new resolution of 2K Scope for HiSpeed and S16mm.

    1. Brand-new lossless compression codec: KineRAW (.krw): integrated into KineMINI 4K. This cinema-level codec is developed by Kinefinity with great efforts and resources:
      • Average compression level is 3:1, lossless compression algorithm: it remains whole information of original image, there is no color sampling and loss. The 256GB SSD can record around 45 minutes 4K RAW clips with its date rate close to ProRes422HQ;
      • It can be restored to CinemaDNG, and also can be transcoded into Cineform RAW or Cineform RGB444 by KineStation V0.6, so that people can use Cineform RAW for post-workflow.
      • It really fits 4K recording and HiSpeed recording, saves much more storage room, for easier data backup.
    2. Improved Color Science:

      • More accurate in-camera color balance;
      • Improved KineLOG2;
      • Neutral LUT KineColor2 (v0.9) for post-workflow, and also there is DSLR type LUT;
    3. In-camera Presets/Profiles:

      • Presets/Profiles are a group key parameters: resolution, fps, codec and image frame size;
      • There is Four in-camera presets;
      • Users can define different presets by themselves;
      • Quick Switch among different presets: Press DOWN of Multi-Function Dial two times, it will pops up preset list to be chosen.
    4. Add 2K Scope (2.39:1) at 2K HiSpeed mode, and fps can be up to 120fps. Then for 2K HiSpeed, 4K, 2K normal mode, there are same aspect ratios for four resolutions:
      • DCI 2K/4K;
      • DCI 2K/4K Scope (2.39:1);
      • HD/UHD;
      • HD/UHD Scope (2.39:1).
    5. Add 2K Scope (2.39:1) at S16mm frame size, fps up to 75fps. So that there are also four resolutions at S16mm, like S35mm and HiSpeed mode.
    6. 3D Shooting
      • Add mirror of image during liveview;
      • Fix the difference timecode between Cineform RAW mov and slate.
    7. Playback: Playback sequence is changed based on recorded date/time, not based on clip names;
    8. Fix: Fix bugs for display issue at some special resolution with low fps.


Stability of Firmware: Evaluation. Caution: Must use with V0.6 KineStation for Transcoding and KineColor2 v0.9.

Download the new Firmware now: Download Now >> Check the KineStation v0.6 now: Check New KineStation Now >> For new KineColor2 V0.9: Check New KineColor2 V0.9 Now >>

Notes: Updating firmware is easy and quick: Download firmware to FAT USB disc; insert it to KineRAW USB port; choose upgrade firmware in Config Menu. Less one minute, the update job is done. It takes effect after reboot.