KineStation v0.55

This version added Cineform RGB444 codec, and compatible with New KineOS 3.0 (33) for KineMINI&KineMAX.

  1. Add Cineform RGB444 Codec: Previous KineStation only supports Cineform RAW. KineStation V0.55 supports Cineform RGB444 output now, which is debayered from original RAW data. RGB444 has more compatibility with NLE software;
  2. Add Cineform RGB444 Codec: Not only applicable for KNG @HiSpeed, but also applicable for DNG frames. The transcoding speed is slower than Cineform RAW;
  3. Compatible with Kine OS 3.0(33) for KineMINI and KineMAX 。

Stability of this version: Evaluation.

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