KineRAW-S35 Firmware 8040

KineRAW functions more than just a data table, by updating firmware. Fireware 8040 provides much more functions than Firmware 8030 as listed below:

New features from 8030 to 8040:

  1. Add Quick-Mo and Slow-Mo, user-defined fps, step accuracy of 0.001fps, and project fps;
  2. Add TimeCode Record Run to realize TC run when recording;
  3. Add Sport Mode; (Record True RAW as kng format, work with KineStation V0.4)
  4. Add Smart Fan Control to realize zero noise when recording;
  5. Double Record Mode;
  6. Add Auto WB into Liveview menu;
  7. Add Simple WB list (as default);
  8. Support online upgrade of EF Iris-Control system; (Need EF sys 6, or above)
  9. Slate.txt Records Iris number, project fps;
  10. Memorize SSD option;
  11. Fix some bugs;

Download Now:      Download the firmware >>

Notes: Updating firmware is easy and quick: Download firmware to FAT USB disc; insert it to KineRAW USB port; choose upgrade firmware in Config Menu. Less one minute, the update job is done. It takes effect after reboot.