How to use New Lock-style EF mount

KineRAW camera employs whole new lock-type EF mount, new lock-type EF mounting adapter, new lock-type Nikon F mounting adapter from 2014 Jan. Its fixing way is very similar to Cine PL mount: lock ring rotation, not lens rotation to make sure EF lens locked firmly and to be contacted well with pogo-pin contact inside of EF mount in any case. Compared to traditional lock way based on spring metal, the new EF mount gains much better stability; fits very well in professional way when video shots using follow-focus gear.

This type of lock-style EF mount can be regarded as Cine mount, like PL mount which is very different from the fastening way of DSLR camera. PL mount is often called as positive lock, as its name, clockwise to fasten lens with mount, while the lock-style EF mount would be called as ‘negative’ lock: counter-clockwise to fasten lens with mount. Such EF Cine mount begins to be used in high-end, professional cinema cameras.

Steps of traditional DSLR cameras to fastening EF lens:

  1. The mark of red dot on lens is aligned with red dot on mount of camera;
  2. Push lens into mount;
  3. Rotate lens clock wisely till pin on mount gets into the hole of lens.

Steps of lock-style EF mount to fastening EF lens, as following, is very different from DSLR way:

1. The mark of Red Dot on lens is aligned with Dot on Mount for EF lens; White square mark to square mark on Mount if EF-S lens. (At the same time, the locking ring on mount should be released: white line/dot to line/dot on mount. )


2. Push the lens into mount; (Note: Pin on mount should match the hole of lens)



3. Rotate Locking Ring Counter-clock-wisely (follow the arrow of lock on mount).



Releasing lens from lock-style EF mount is opposite: hold the lens; rotate locking ring clock-wisely till it stops.

Caution: Must hold the lens during releasing/fastening lens to avoid lens drop.