Trade Up To MAVO Edge

Kinefinity start the new TRADE-IN program for MAVO Edge from now!

Growing up with our clients as a tradition of Kinefinity, we keep providing upgrading path to our dear clients. Now, there are broad ways for different Kine cameras to our whole-new flagship MAVO Edge 8K/6K.

Except MAVO Edge 8K and MAVO Edge 6K, we also provide the trade-in program for MAVO Edge accessories.

KineBACK-Lite, KineBACK-W, KineMAG 500GB or KineMAG 1TB owners can upgrade these accessories to the new generation KineMAG Nano 1TB.

KineKIT-MAVO and KineKIT-TERRA can also be traded up to the newly-designed camera cage that fits MAVO Edge 8K/6K, KineKIT-Edge.

No matter the camera you own is TERRA 6K, TERRA 4K, MAVO, or MAVO LF, you could upgrade it to our fantastic MAVO Edge cine camera.

Just trade in your old camera and get the brand new MAVO Edge for less!

To upgrade your old generation Kinefinity cine camera (previous to TERRA 6K), please contact us through email for more detailed trade-in information and instruction.