Kinefinity Launched Brand-new MAVO Edge 8K

On April 27th, 2020, Beijing- Kinefinity released MAVO Edge, a brand-new large-format 8K cine camera. With a whole-new carbon fiber camera body, MAVO Edge is equipped with a stunning 8K 75P CMOS imaging sensor and cutting-edge image processing engine, which elevate the Kinefinity camera system to a whole new level. Featuring internal motorized full-spectrum e-ND, more industry-standard ports and dual SSD media slots, the highly integrated MAVO Edge still remains very compact and lightweight.sensor size comStunning 8K 75P Imaging SensorThe new 8K imaging sensor on the MAVO Edge is an amazing canvas with 45 million pixels on a 36x24mm full-frame CMOS sensor featuring 800/3200 dual native ISO, 8K Wide up to 75fps and latitude up to 14+ stops. Even at open gate 3:2 , surprisingly this beast can still deliver a gorgeous image of 45 million pixels at up to 48 frames per second. All of these features allow cinematographers to create without boundaries, no matter for feature movies, production with VFX, high-end TV commercial and series, even wild-life documentaries. Not just getting highest resolution for motion pictures, MAVO Edge ensures natural color, pleasing skin tones, low noise, high dynamic range and stunning details in organic and delicate way, cinematically. Benefiting from a greatly upgraded, cutting-edge image processing platform, MAVO Edge can capture images as 100fps at 6K Wide or 160fps at 4K Wide. At the same time, MAVO Edge also supports oversampling in Full Frame mode to output 6K or 4K resolutions which will result in more details and latitude with the same optical format.sensor size comNewly Designed Carbon Fiber BodyMAVO Edge utilizes an integrated body design with a new internal architecture. The integrated functions and interfaces of every module are redesigned or optimized to allow the MAVO Edge possess more industry standard interfaces in an effort to increase compatibility with third-party accessories. Thanks to the carbon fiber materials, this big guy with numerous industry-standard interfaces and complete functions weighs only 1.2kg, thus helping filmmakers get the job done in a more flexible and efficient way.Internal motorized full-spectrum e-ND system: Kinefinity integrates the motorized full-spectrum e-ND system inside the camera for the first time. Switching between clear glass and e-ND filter is motorized and built-in as expected; the e-ND filter can cover the wide range from 2 stops to 7 stops with continuous adjustment at high precision. At the same time, it ensures consistent color accuracy and uncompromised sharpness over a whole tuning range.Dual independent SDI outputs: MAVO Edge provides dual 1.5G/3G SDI outputs with metadata and audio transmission. These two outputs are independent of the two video signals from the Kine Video ports, to enhance the compatibility with third-party accessories like external recorders and 1.5G monitors. The two video ports of the MAVO Edge can be connected to KineEVF Full-HD OLED viewfinder and KineMON-5U/KineMON-7H Ultra-Bright monitors to get sharp and clear image in indoor and outdoor situations.General sync and control ports: There are numerous ports integrated on the MAVO Edge body: separate genlock and timecode sync ports for syncing multiple cameras, an RS232 protocol port for communicating with and controlling of third-party accessories, and an RS port for powering and triggering an external record function.High quality multi-channel audio record: The MAVO Edge supports multi-channel 24bit/48kHz audio record with 3.5mm stereo MIC socket and in-camera high-quality MIC; audio pre-amplifiers with ultra-low noise floor are integrated into camera body, and two independently controlled standard XLR socket for professional microphones that supports 48V phantom power, to offer great convenience for field sound recording and even professional audio recording. Powerful wired and wireless function: With Gigabit Ethernet on RJ45 port, WIFI5 wireless network and type-c USB socket, the MAVO Edge can output a monitoring/recording image to other devices via live H64 stream. Simultaneously, an internal three-axis gyroscope can record the camera’s spatial positioning information and provide GPS geo label of footages. Furthermore, Bluetooth 5.0 is added to expand wireless control and communication with the camera at short distance.Faster and more intuitive operation interaction: The display area on side screen increases up to 200% to show more parameters for convenient adjustments, combined with a more intuitive buttons layout and user interface layers, allowing for an overall better and more comprehensive shooting experience.sensor size comSignificant Improvement on Record MediaTo process 8K and offer more freedom in encoding, KineMAG is upgraded from SATA 3.0 SSD to NVMe M.2 SSD. MAVO Edge now features PCle 3.0 protocol which allows the whole-new KineMAG Nano to record footages at lightning speed of 10Gb/s, unhindered support of 8K 60fps ProRes RAW and even 8K ProRes444.Thanks to smaller form factor of KineMAG Nano, MAVO Edge adopts the dual media slot design like KineRAW-S35, first-generation cine camera introduced in 2012. The dual slots design allows for two KineMAG Nanos to record the same clips simultaneously and form an extra RAID1 backup to avoid missing clips. Furthermore, two cards can record the main codec and H264 proxies separately, to make the post-editing workflow much easier.Additionally, Kinefinity also offers KineMAG Nano enclosures so users could purchase and install third-party NVMe M.2 SSD on their own to save the cost for storage media.sensor size comComprehensive Power SolutionAn innovative hybrid battery plate is introduced to MAVO Edge, to meet power demands of the camera and accessories in different shooting scenarios. The integrated combined battery plate can work with 14.8V broadcast V-mount batteries like KineBAT PD 75/150. When handheld or gimbal way, the camera can be powered directly by compatible BP-U30 type batteries like GripBAT 4S, so the operator could work in a cord-free and smooth way, thanks to a reduced payload and no extra power cord.MAVO Edge’s body offers standard a D-Tap port, 12V RS port and Lens port (12V) to power the third-party accessories like wireless video transmitter and wireless lens motor directly. These ports eliminate the need for extra batteries or power converters thus streamlining the camera setup and improving the system stability.In addition, Movcam brings dedicated KineKIT for MAVO Edge, especially the innovative 15mm baseplate with UPS function powered by two NP-F550 type batteries, due to specialized UPS power contacts at the bottom of MAVO Edge. The creative power solution can not only power the MAVO Edge independently, allowing for an efficient kit space utilization, but also work as UPS power source to supply uninterrupted power to the camera when replacing V-mount batteries or BP-U30 type batteries.
sensor size comMAVO Edge is a brand-new large-format 8K cine camera with unprecedented 45 million pixels and state-of-the-art image quality in ProRes, making every single frame comparable to those captured by high-end SLR cameras. The whole-new integrated carbon fiber body has incorporated the full-spectrum e-ND system, dual SSD slots with NVMe M.2-based KineMAG Nano, comprehensive networking and creative power solution. All these cutting-edge technologies not only ease story-tellers, documentary makers and video-content creators to capture incredibly pleasing images, but offer a future-proof creative tool to keep innovating, keep moving forward.MSRP of MAVO Edge is US$11,999 and the target shipping date is Sep 2020. It is available to preorder now on Kinefinity website or authorized dealers.