C12419, 4.13~16, NAB,  Convention Centre, Las Vegas. We will show Production version of new KineMAX 6K, popular KineMINI 4K, new important Optical Device and Big news for software. And Kine cameras and its eco system how to illustrate All-In, All-Cinema as slogan of Kinefinity:

  1. Stunning 6K resolution: How to shoot with KineMAX 6K and post-workflow;
  2. Multi-Frame: quick switching from different frames based on same sensor;
  3. KRW is supported natively by Scratch: Maximise the image quality of Kine Cameras;
  4. Anamorphic screen as 4:3, for KineMAX and KineMINI;
  5. New KineKIT for KineMAX 6K, by Movcam, original design.

Note: Preorder of First 100units of KineMAX was done, but there are crowded inquiries and purchase intention for KineMAX, so the Promotion of First 100Units of KineMAX remains valid until 30th Apr, 2015. Shipping date is around end of May if Preorder now. Preorder link as: KineMAX 6K Preorder