C12033, April 24-27, NAB, Convention Center, Las Vegas.Kinefinity will join the 2017 NAB show again. TERRA 5K, TERRA 6K, new e-ND mounting adapter with color accuracy, new E mounting adapter and other rich accessories will be shown. Get to know our design philosophy as well as the easy and smooth shooting & post-workflow by TERRA.

    1. TERRA 5K and TERRA 6K: small but amazingly powerful cinema cameras;
    2. New e-ND mounting adapter: 0.6~3.0, continuously adjustment with no color shift;
    3. New SONY E mounting adapter: TERRA supports E mount lenses now;
    4. ProRes: fluent and efficient post-workflow;
    5. SCRATCH: complete support on KRW codec;
    6. Accessories: how Movcam/Zacuto supports TERRA.

See you at the Las Vegas Convention Center!