11.A31, September 13-17, IBC2019, RAI of Amsterdam. Kinefinity will attend the 2019 IBC. MAVO LF will be exhibited for the first time in Europe with Large Format Cine Camera System. MAVO LF as flagship, MAVO S35, TERRA 4K as best entry-level cine camera, large-format cine lens as MAVO Prime as well as new-released OLED KineEVF Viewfinder, KineMON-7H High-bright Monitor and KineMON-5H Super-Bright Monitor. Get to know our design philosophy, as well as the easy and smooth shooting & post-workflow by MAVO/TERRA from full frame camera, new monitoring solution and firmware.

1. MAVO LF 6K as Large Format Cine Camera, small body, 6K 75fps and 4K 150fps with 5120/800 Dual Native ISO, supports full frame and S35 anamorphic shooting and is able to in-camera record ProRes4444XQ&RAW;
2. MAVO 6K as Classic Flagship S35 Cine Camera, supports 4:3 and 6:5 anamorphic shooting and is able to in-camera record ProRes4444XQ&RAW;
3. TERRA 4K as Best Entry-Level Cine Camera , with big performance 4K 160fps and 2K 320fps, 3200/800 Dual Native ISO, is capable to in-camera record ProRes&RAW;
4. MAVO Prime as Large-format, zero-fringing T2.0 Prime Set, is easy to to create shallow depth of field and the smooth focus fall-off cinematic images with 46.5mm Image circle diameter, T2.0 aperture and 8K resolution on Full Frame.

Whole-new accessories and firmware bring to ultra-low delay and monitoring image with high fluency; ultra-bright Kine monitor and delicated KineEVF for easily use in outdoors.

1. KineMON-7H as the new design KineMON-7H with 1000nit high brightness screen, uses DirectClear platform to achieve ultra-low latency with minimum power consumption;
2. KineMON-5U as the new KineMON-5U with 2000nit ultra brightness screen, will replace the last generation KineMON-5H to achieve ultra-low latency with minimum power consumption with DirectClear platform;
3. KineEVF as Full-HD OLED Viewfinder with excellent optical design, 1080p, 16M colors and without any distortion; it features ultra-low latency and minimum power consumption with DirectClear platform;
4. OLPF FF3 as the new-designed full frame multilayer optical low pass filter, adopts more complex and high performance crystal to create sharp images while avoiding aliasing artifacts.
5. KineOS 6.3 as a whole-new firmware, optimizes the fluency of video output signal from bottom to top, and MAVO LF has a big performance improvement: From 4K 100fps to 4K 150fps! From 2K 200fps to 2K 290fps! Such high frame rate can be in-camera recorded as ProRes and cDNG to SSD. KineOS 6.3 also adds single frame photo function to Kine cameras.

Get to know our design philosophy as well as the easy and smooth shooting & post-workflow by MAVO LF Large Format Cine Camera System!

See you at 11.A31, RAI of Amsterdam for IBC 2019!