MAVO Edge 8K @ Cine Gear Expo 2021

#B103, September 24-25, Cine Gear Expo 2021, LA Convention Center.

The MAVO Edge 8K showcases our design philosophy at Cine Gear Expo 2021. With its cutting-edge modularity, the MAVO Edge 8K will streamline your workflow from shooting to post production.

1. Large Format 8K Dual-native ISO

45 million pixels, 36x24mm full-frame CMOS sensor, dual native ISO 640/2560, 8K Wide up to 70fps, 14+ stops latitude.

2. In-camera 8K ProRes4444XQ

From the initial CMOS image capture to 8K ProRes4444XQ encoding.

3. Lightweight Carbon Fibre Body

In-camera variable E-ND, built-in accessory ports, dual SSD slots with brand new NVMe M.2 based KineMAG Nano — all in one carbon fiber body.

4. Built-in Seamless E-ND Filter

Enjoy seamless exposure control with our built-in variable E-ND filter, from 0.6-2.4.

See you at #B103, LA Convention Center!