Kinefinity New Distributor in Southeast Asia

September 21th, 2023 

Kinefinity is excited to announce its new Southeast Asia distributor located in Malaysia.

Our new distributor, DP Gadget, offers online and offline product information, sales, and tech support. They will provide all the customers with local and rapid service for Kinefinity products. Please visit DP Gadget for the latest products, like the MAVO Edge 6K, MAVO mark2 LF and MAVO mark2 S35

About DP Gadget

In 2017, renowned cinematographer Eric Yeong founded DP Gadget Services, transforming Malaysia’s camera rental landscape.

DP Gadget Services aims to create a symbiotic relationship between the renter and the rented. The company’s resolution is clear: to foster innovation and enable filmmakers to capture stunning visuals that tell compelling narratives.

DP Gadget Services is more than just a rental company, it’s a vibrant center for the filmmaking community.  It is a platform where enthusiasts can exchange ideas, challenge creative limits, and turn their cinematic visions into reality.

DP Gadget and Kinefinity

Eric first crossed paths with Kinefinity’s Mavo LF at the 2019 BIRTV in Beijing. Captivated by the camera’s versatility and low-light capabilities, he shot test footage and was impressed with the results. 

Fast-forward to early 2020, and Kinefinity announced their new Mavo Edge 8K camera—a game-changer that reignited Eric’s interest. With the establishment of more out-of-China distributors and a growing user community, Eric found renewed confidence in Kinefinity’s products. 

Now, DP Gadget Services is not merely a retailer for Kinefinity products, it serves as a technical adviser and a lifeline for local users. The company provides comprehensive backup support, ensuring that filmmakers can focus on their art without being hindered by technical issues.

With DP Gadget Services’ new role as a Kinefinity distributor and service center, Eric Yeong is elevating the company to be more than just a rental service. It’s a hub where innovation, technology, and community come together, empowering filmmakers to create their best work.

Contact DP Gadget 

DP Gadget Services:

Kinefinity hopes to provide quality products and great customer service for all the Southeast Asian customers with DP Gadget. Looking forward to see all the incredible content our customers create!