Kinefinity Camera Product Line is Listed at a New Price!

Beijing, Feb 14th, 2020-Since 2017, Kinefinity had released three cinema cameras: TERRA 4K, MAVO and MAVO LF. During this time, while receiving numerous industry awards, the cameras have served as professional tools to help filmmakers create excellent images. At the same time, Kinefinity put a lot of efforts in optimizing the supply chain and production process to provide customers with more reliable and more affordable products.

Starting today (Feb.14th) the Kinefinity camera product line is listed at a new price, offers more efficient accessory package options and adds ProRes4444 / 4444XQ encoding to TERRA 4K.

Here are the details of today’s updates:

1. Price Adjustment: Thanks to massive improvements in the optimization of the supply chain and production processes, we are able to offer lower entry prices to our existing camera models:

Kine EVF


2. More flexible accessory packages: Based on our experience in selling the current accessories line we made some adjustments to the composition of the packages to allow for more convenience to our users and to assure they get all the necessary elements of a powerful kit best suited to their needs.

The main changes are:

  • Basic package is renamed to Handheld package.
  • Two entirely new options called Core package and Production package (based on Core package) are added.

Overview of Kinefinity’s new accessories package options:

Kine EVF


3. TERRA 4K receives ProRes4444 / XQ: already boasting 3200/800 Dual Native ISO, 4K@160fps and 2K@320fps, TERRA 4K will now see ProRes4444 and ProRes4444XQ encoding added to its arsenal of high end cinema camera features. All TERRA 4K cameras shipped (it’s released in 2017) will be able to add ProRes4444/ProRes4444XQ via free firmware update, no hardware changes are required. The firmware is expected to be available in April, 2020.

Kinefinity has always been keen on advanced technology in the digital cinema field by providing complete solutions to customers with high-performance cameras and excellent accessories. We hope to see more and more high-quality videos from users with Kinefinity digital cinema technology and equipment.