PD KineBAT 99/200

PD KineBAT 99/200 is Kinefinity’s third generation V-mount battery. Compared with the previous generation PD KineBAT, it features much larger capacity and extended battery life, providing continuous and reliable power supply for the camera systems with standard V-mount.

Dual D-Tap and Dual USB-C

Equipped with dual D-tap Ports and dual PD USB Type-C ports. The traditional D-Tap port can be used to power accessories on your fig while the USB-C port gives you a convenient way of charging laptop or smartphone while you shoot.

D-Tap Port

PD KineBAT 99/200 is newly equipped with the widely adopted D-Tap Port. The 10A output enables the battery to charge your wireless follow focus and video transmission system, making the shooting flexible and productive.

PD Type-C port

Continuing the dual PD USB Type-C ports,PD KineBAT 99/200 gives you a convenient way of charging your smartphone and USB accessories while you shoot. The powerful 60W output enables the battery to fill up your Macbook Pro (13”) in just one hour.

Peak Performance and Compact Form

PD KineBAT 99/200 features a large capacity cell and advanced internal design, with which it increases the battery capacity by 30% compared to its predecessor.

MAVO Edge can work up to 5 hours with KineBAT 200. 

*Longer working hour on the previous camera.

With the four-LED gauge on the side, the battery’s remaining power can be checked anytime you want.

MAVO Edge camera users could check the exact battery percentage, voltage and current information in the camera built-in menu, keeping the battery performing perfectly anytime.

*Only MAVO Edge camera adopted. 

More Classical, More Practical

The boxy appearance of PD KineBAT 99/200 continues the design of our previous generation PD KineBAT, which looks heavy but not clumsy. The waves on the side is ergonomically designed for easy grip, avoiding all possible accidents.

The specifically set 86mm×106mm size is perfectly adapted to our MAVO Edge camera, leading the whole set harmonious and good-looking.

Only two batteries can supply power for all day shooting. 580g KineVAT 99, palm-sized design for easy carrying on the go.

Using the 65W PD Type-C power adapter, PD KineBAT 99 can quickly charge up to 80% in 2 hours. The charging speed increases by 30% compared with the previous generation battery.

In addition to the USB Type-C input, PD KineBAT can also be charged via V-mount charger and D-tap charger. Multiple power supply methods can better meet your demand of replenishing energy anytime and anywhere.                                                 

Compact, Reliable and Safe

Using the ABS+PD plastic as the battery shell, PD KineBAT has great resistance to heat and cold. Reliable and safe, the battery can provide consistent power on the toughest sets.