Related Software

The software often used is Quicktime based on MAVO/TERRA. For old version Kine cameras, there are three types: Cineform software, Quicktime7 and HFS drive.

Quicktime 7: Apple ProRes Player

For windows platform, you need to install Quicktime7 from Apple website. There is Quicktime Player of V7.6.6 for downloading, but you many need to visit Apple Quicktime to download new version.


When MAVO/TERRA is powered down during recording, the currect footage will be damaged, and footage can not be played back on camera or computer. For ProRes footage, please use the method below. Please make sure operate on Windows and have Quicktime 7 installed. Download to your PC, and then:1. Copy files: unzip the file and copy KineRecovery.exe and QTCF.dll to the folder of footage, like PRJ-0002-003-A2_5D8A; 2. Run: run the KineRecovery.exe to start the recovery; 3. Complete: the recovered mov file will be generated in the footage folder, name starting with “r”.Download KineRecovery: Download KineRecovery >>
Cineform codec is based on Quicktime, no matter Windows or MAC OS. Especially only Quicktime7 support Cineform RAW real-time sync without rendering, NOT Quicktime X. For windows platform and no matter taking Cineform as a core in post or transcoding to ProRes via Kinestation, you need to install Quicktime7.For Cineform post workflow, highly recommend downloading Quicktime7 as the default player for quicktime mov, though the MAC comes with default QuicktimeX.

HFS Drive

For MAVO/TERRA users with Windows platform, you could directly set the SSD File system as NTFS in MAVO/TERRA, which can be directly read the card and fastcopy footages under windows.For cameras shipped before MAVO/TERRA, you may need one of three below software/system-plugins to read/write SSD with HFS format which is file system of KineMAG:1. HFS+ for Windows(Commercial software, pricing as US$19.95) or2. MacDrive(Commercial software, pricing as US$49.99) or3. HFSExplorer(Free, Shareware).HFS+ and MacDrive are system plugins. Windows explorer will recognise SSD with HFS format automatically. HFS+ for windows is Recommended.


Kinestation is free to Kine KineRAW-S35, KineMINI, KineMAX and charges for KineRAW-MINI. KineStation can transcode in-camera recording KRW and DNG files to ProRes or Cineform.Note: MAVO/TERRA don’t support KRW2.0 for now, so the Kinestation is not required.You can directly view the latest KineStation software and download the Windows version, while the MAC version is required to apply to


Cineform codec is cross-platform: run on both MAC and Windows smoothly and efficiently; the moderate compression ratio make the image quality almost unaffected, reaching a great balance between storage space and image quality, as well as with the feature of RAW. Since Cineform RAW or Cineform RGB444, YUV422 are packaged as Quicktime mov, Cineform and Quicktime7 are required no matter Windows platform or MAC platform.Recommend to install GoPro Cineform Studio Premium (Trial) +  Quicktime7, on MAC OS;Recommend to install GoPro Cineform Studio (Free) + Quicktime7, on Windows.GoPro Cineform Studio Premium (Trial) v1.3Cineform Studio Premium is very powerful toolsets to process Cineform footages. This is a trial version in two weeks. Its price is US$ 299. Please go to visit Cineform Official Website to download new version and buy it.GoPro Cineform Studio (Free) v1.3The free software includes already Cineform decoder, and a simple first-grading software to Cineform RAW or RGB444 mov. Please visit Cineform website to get new version.


SCRATCH 8.5 start to natively support KineRAW1.0(.krw), no need to transcode, especially for KineMAX and KineMINI. You can try to download it.

For serious filmmaking with requirements on DIT, it demands special copy software with checksum. And Fastcopy is best of them: lightweight and fast.