MAVO mark2 LF Trade In

$3 499.00$4 499.00

The MAVO mark2 LF continues to feature the remarkable 6K full frame 3:2 CMOS imaging sensor from the popular MAVO Edge 6K, maintaining high frame rate of up to 75fps at 6K Wide, and amazing dual native ISO 5120/800.  Compared to MAVO LF, MAVO mark2 is capable to retain more highlight details.

MAVO mark2 offers more comprehensive lens options by introduction of new mount. In addition to keeping the exclusive native KineMOUNT, MAVO mark2 provides two new lens mounts: the Active PL Mount and Active E Mount. Users can install and detach the active mounts without extra flange distance calibration.

Currently, a trade-in plan from ALL classic Kinefinity Cameras* before MAVO Edge to MAVO mark2 LF is offered to these cameras owners.

*Classic Kinefinity Cameras includes historical camera model from KineRAW-S35, KineRAW-MINI to MAVO S35 and MAVO LF.