FM98.1 on Storm (by KineMINI 4K)

Director: Cheng Zhang; Cameraman: Yongqing Liu, Shuai Qin, Peng Cheng;
Location: Shanghai China;
Camera: Two KineMINI 4K; with KineMOUNT+EFMount;
Lens: CP2 Prime Set;
Codec: KineRAW(.krw) 2K Wide@120fps; Cineform RAW mov 2K Wide@25fps;
HiSpeed: ISO 320; Normal fps: ISO 800;
Edited by: Cheng Zhang, Yongqing Liu (FCP X);
Graded by: Cheng Zhang; No De-noise nor Sharpen.

FM98.1 on Storm

KRW footages @HiSpeed were transcoded into 2K Cineform RGB444 mov by KineStation. Following are some graded screenshots of this video.

You can download it as Original file in Vimeo page (

Online Video:

There are two clips of 2K Cineform RGB444 mov(KRW transcoded by KineStation), as 2K Wide 120fps slow-mo.

Click to Download Clip 1>> Click to Download Clip 2 >>


Camera: Two KineMINI 4K, with KineMOUNT+EF Mount;
Lens: CP2 Prime Set;
EVF: Cineroid EVF;
KineKIT and FollowFocus, MatteBox, Movcam Shoulder Pack, Movcam Battery Plate;
Steadicam: Movcam D200;

KFM981_On_Storm_BTS2 KFM981_On_Storm_BTS3 KFM981_On_Storm_BTS1 KFM981_On_Storm_BTS4