2013 TMall TVC Series by KR-MINI

Cameraman: BonBon; Director: ZERO; Location: Shanghai (China)
Art: Dami; Producer: Xueli; Production: U+M;
Lens: ARRI MP 27mm;
Record Format: CinemaDNG;
Lighting/Equipments: Weisheng;
Graded by: Xiao Cao (Shanghai);
Seven TVCs for 2013 Tmall (Most famous B2C company in China)

2013 TVC TMall Series

The graded images are very filmic, quiet and organic. Some Screenshots from the video (Click to browse full images)

Cameraman detailed experience on KineRAW-MINI for this TVC:    ”Experience

There are seven graded H264 1080p TVC to be downloaded:

Online video TVC1:

Online video TVC2:

Online video TVC3:

Online video TVC4:

Online video TVC5:

Online video TVC6:

Online video TVC7:

Even though the production team did use Cineform RAW workflow to finish it, we still provided Cineform RAW mov for downloading for convenience.

Four Clips, all converted from CinemaDNG to Cineform RAW mov by KineStation:

Click to Download >>
Camera: KineRAW-MINI with KineMOUNT, PL Mounting Adapter;
Lens: ARRI MP 27mm;

Post Workflow:

  1. Import footages into Adobe LightRoom, then do first level grade, output to TIFF;
  2. Pack TIFF into ProRes444;
  3. Edit, grade and output based on ProRes444 mov