Yuka&Tristan (Shot by KineMINI 4K)

Cameraman: Dominic Taylor; Director: Dominic Taylor; Location: New Zealand;
Camera: KineMINI 4K with KineMOUNT + EF mounting adapter; Lens: Canon EFS 17-55mm;
Recording format: 4K@25fps, 2K@92fps, as KineRAW(.KRW);
Setting: ISO,320; Aperture: f4.0;
Post workflow: KRW clips were transcoded into Cineform RAW mov and Cineform RGB444 mov;
Adobe Premiere Pro + After Effects by Dominic Taylor
Director website: http://darkroasted.com

Yuka&Tristan - easel & light & mortar

The short video was made to introduce a new collection “easel & light & mortar” by Yuka&Tristan a clothing label based in New Zealand. Dominic shot it over the course of an afternoon at the Winter Gardens in the Domain, Auckland, New Zealand in January 2015. It was a very low key small shoot with just the Model: Juliet Martin and Designer/Stylist: Yuka O’Shannessy and Dominic.
Dominic Taylor
There is a lot I like about the KineMINI. The great dynamic range and colour science, the small form factor, non proprietary media, 3:1 compression and decent raw working codec. The best thing about the KineMINI for me is the organic/analog feel of the images created with it.
Dominic Taylor / DarkRoasted

The following are some screenshots of this video.

There are four clips as 4K Cineform RAW (transcoded from KRW): 4K Cineform RAW Clips download >>

For the delivery, you can download the clips from Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/129485415) as following.

Note: Dominic Taylor owns the copyright of the clips and video. The download is just for camera evaluation and testing, NOT for commercial usage.

Camera: KineMINI 4K with native EF mount;
Lens: Canon 17-55mm;
Powering: KineGrip;
Monitoring: SmallHD DP4;
Supporting: Monopod