TERRA 4K, the best entry-level cinema camera, 4K 100fps with 3200/800 Dual Native ISO, easy to be used like DSLR. Body weighs only 990g. Though TERRA 4K as entry-level cine camera, it features high speed 4K CMOS image sensor with Dual Native ISO(3200/800): it captures low-noise and wide-latitude images in regular scenes or low-light environment easily. (TERRA 6K adopts S35 CMOS image sensor of KineMAX and is discontinued. It is TERRA 4K if TERRA mentioned in this context.)

Super Lightweight: One-man Job

TERRA 4K, weight of camera body is only 990g; its size is only half or third of other MINI cinema camera. Due to its small form factor close to DSLR, TERRA works well with most of Gimbals, and also lowers the requirements on accessories: so lightweight for handheld operation and for one-man job. With new SideGrip and KineMON-5U Ultra-Bright Monitor, TERRA is ready for shooting. TERRA can work up to 100min with its lightweight GripBAT 45Wh (compatible with BP-U30).

High Speed+Dual Native ISO

TERRA 4K employs a whole-new, high speed &low noise CMOS image sensor featuring with Dual Native ISO: 3200/800. It captures low-noise and wide-latitude images in regular scenes or low-light environment easily. The native frame rate of 4k CMOS image sensor at open gate (3:2 4096×2700) is up to 100fps! So the TERRA 4K can record 4K wide up to 160fps, 3K wide up to 200fps and 2K wide up to 320fps. At the same time, its rolling effect is very low due to the high native frame rate, even running at regular fps, and the latitude reaches to main standard for main-stream camera: more than 13 stops. With advanced process, higher ISO and lower noise, TERRA 4K is no need to lower ISO, very convenient and powerful.

Super-Fast Post Workflow: ProRes

TERRA 4K can record up to 4K even 6K ProRes 422HQ directly to get a super-fast workflow with very high quality footages: ProRes 422HQ is much better than codecs based on H264, and compatible with all post-workflow softwares.

TERRA 4K realizes ProRes4444 and ProRes4444XQ encoding added to its arsenal of high end cinema camera features! All TERRA 4K cameras shipped (it was released in 2017) will be able to add ProRes4444/ProRes4444XQ via free firmware update, no hardware changes are required.



More Features and Details

2.5″ SSD

SATA 3.0, 2.5″ 7mm SSD, compatible
Lower costs effectively on media
Recommend KineMAG 500GB
In-camera ProRes on SSD

KineMOUNT as Omni Mount

KineMOUNT+Different Mounts
Support PL and EF Mount with e-ND
Support EF Mount w/ KineEnhancer
Even support E Mounting Adapter


Same optical format w/ Lower Res
Sharper images and lower noise
Supports 2K output at sub-S35

Support FF format

Mounting adapter with focal reducer
Support FF still lenses
To gain wider viewing angle

4K 160fps

Super slow-mo ability
4K Wide 160fps
2K Wide 320fps
Minimum quick-mo: 6fps

New Accessories

KineBACK Provides SDI and XLR, V-Mount
KineMON Brand-new DirectClear platform
SideGrip Multifunction side grip with Power
KineKIT Movcam-designed KIT

Custom in-camera LUT

Custom 3D LUT upload ability
Size up to 33*33*33 cube
Switching LUT instantly
Rec709 Neutral LUT in-camera


Oversampling: better images
Cropping mode can boost the higher fps
EF Mounting Adapter with KineEnhancer
Multi-framing and multi res at different fps

3:2 CMOS Image Sensor

Open Gate 3:2 4096×2700
Open Gate fps up to 100fps
More anamorphic shooting

4K 4:3 Anamorphic

supports 4K 4:3@100fps
Desqueezed monitoring in-camera

ProRes for All Res and All Fps

Record up to ProRes4444/4444XQ
No need external recorder
Also supports ProRes422HQ/422/LT
Built-in KineLOG3, remain full latitude

Create, no boundaries. As a small and powerful cinema camera, TERRA is designed from bottom to top to facilitate filmmaking from shooting to post workflow.

Note: All trademarks mentioned belong to their respective trade mark holders and companies, and are not necessarily affiliated with our company and may not endorse our products or the use of their products with our products.

Image FormatFormatResolutionMax FPSCodec
sub S354K Wide4096x1720150ProRes
4K HD Wide3840x1600160ProRes
4K HD3840x2160125ProRes
4K (Open Gate)4096x2700100ProRes
3.7K 4:3 Anamorphic3712x2700100ProRes
2K Wide (Oversample)2048x860160ProRes
2K HD Wide(Oversample)1920x800160ProRes
2K HD(Oversample)1920x1080125ProRes
sub M433K Wide3072x1200200ProRes
sub S162K Wide2048x860300ProRes
2K HD Wide1920x800320ProRes
2K HD1920x1080240ProRes
  • Frame Rate can be adjusted as 6~MAX fps, step accuracy of 0.001fps.
Camera TypeFilm-Style Digital Cinema Camera
Imaging Sensor4K 3:2 sub-S35mm Format CMOSCrop factor over FF: 1.85
ShutterRolling Shutter
Lens MountNative KineMOUNT as omni mount to be PL/EF/SONY E by solid mounting adapters*PL, PL e-ND *EF, EF e-ND, EF Enhancer *SONY E
Record FormatsCodec TypeCodec FormatBit Depth
Record Res4K(Open Gate)3K2K
4096x27003072x16202048x10803712x2700 3.7K 4:3
Max FPS160@4K Wide200@3K Wide320@2K Wide
Dynamic Range13+ stops
ISO/EIDual Native/Base ISOMax
3200 (from 1280)800 (below 1280)20480
Shutter Angle0.7°~358° with rolling shutter
MonitoringVideo Port x2*HD Port x1SDI x2**Applicable on KineBACK-W
Record Media2.5" SSD with 7mm Height
Audio CaptureIn-camera MIC; 3.5mm MIC-in; KineAudio* with 48V Phantom Power XLR*Applicable on KineBACK-W
Sync FunctionTally, AutoSlate, Beeper, Trigger, SMPTE LTC*, 3D/Multi-cam Sync**Applicable on KineBACK-W
LUTPreset: Neutral, Support Custom 3D LUT
PowerPower InConsumption
DC IN 11~19V/SideGrip/V-Mount*23W*Applicable on KineBACK-W
Body ColorSilver Grey
Weight2.1 lb / 990 g*Only Body
Size4.5x4.3x3.7" / 115x110x95 mm*w/o projections, WxHxL
Operating Temp0°C to +40°C
  2. TERRA 4K shipped from 2019 has two video ports.
  3. Any other trade marks belong to their respective owners.


CMOS SensorFull Frame 6K 3:2 CMOS Imaging SensorS35mm 6K 3:2 CMOS Imaging Sensorsub S35 4K 3:2 CMOS Imaging Sensor
Crop Factor over FF11.51.85
Max Resolution6016x3984
(24M Pixel)
(24M Pixel)
(11M Pixel)
Slow-MoFF: 75fps @6K Wide
S35: 86fps @5K Wide
S35: 150fps@4K HD Wide
S16: 290fps@2K HD Wide
S35: 66fps@6K Wide
M43: 100fps@4K Wide
16mm: 192fps@2K Wide
Sub S35: 160fps@4K Wide
Sub S16: 320fps@2K Wide
Codec1. ProRes 4444XQ/4444
2. ProRes 422HQ/422/LT/Proxy
1. ProRes 4444XQ/4444
2. ProRes 422HQ/422/LT/Proxy
1. ProRes 4444XQ/4444
2. ProRes 422HQ/422/LT/Proxy
AnamorphicFF Ana: 48fps@4:3 5376x3984
FF Ana: 48fps@6:5 4864x3984
S35 Ana: 80fps@4:3 4096x3072
S35 Ana: 80fps@1:1 3072x3072
S35 Ana: 40fps@4:3 5376x3984
S35 Ana: 40fps@6:5 4864x3984
sub S35: 4:3 3712x2700@100fps
Base ISODual Native ISO
5120(From 1600)
800Dual Native
3200(from 1280)
800(below 1280)
Lens MountNative KineMOUNT works with
PL/EF/SONY E by solid mounting adapters
Native KineMOUNT works with
PL/EF/SONY E by solid mounting adapters
Native KineMOUNT works with
PL/EF/SONY E by solid mounting adapters
Powering1. SideGrip
2. Two-Pin DC Input
3. Integrated V mount Battery Plate (only available on KineBACK-W)
1. SideGrip
2. Two-Pin DC Input
3. Integrated V mount Battery Plate (only available on KineBACK-W)
1. SideGrip
2. Two-Pin DC Input
3. Integrated V mount Battery Plate (only available on KineBACK-W)
Video Monitoring
(TERRA 4K shipped from 2019.1)
HD Monitoring111
Wireless Slot (For video and lens control)1
(only available on KineBACK-W)
(only available on KineBACK-W)
(only available on KineBACK-W)
SDI Monitoring2
(only available on KineBACK-W)
(only available on KineBACK-W)
(only available on KineBACK-W)
Audio1. In-camera MIC
2. 3.5mm MIC-in
3. KineAudio: 48V Phantom MIC, Dual XLR (only available on KineBACK-W)
1. In-camera MIC
2. 3.5mm MIC-in
3. KineAudio: 48V Phantom MIC, Dual XLR (only available on KineBACK-W)
1. In-camera MIC
2. 3.5mm MIC-in
3. KineAudio: 48V Phantom MIC, Dual XLR (only available on KineBACK-W)
Status DisplayYesYes
Size (WxHxL)
(Without projections)
4.5x4.3x3.7" / 115x110x95 mm4.5x4.3x3.7" / 115x110x95 mm4.5x4.3x3.7" / 115x110x95 mm
Weight(Body only)2.1 lb / 990 g2.1 lb / 990 g2.1 lb / 990 g
Power Consumption27W27W23W
Body ColorDeep GreyBlackSilver Grey
MSRP(Body)US $11,999US $7,999US $3,999

Firmware is the soul of camera. The KineOS6.0 on camera keeps simple as previous version and also has many features for a professional cinema camera. It is responsive, clean and easy to access:

Advanced Waveform

Waveform in-camera: you don’t need to buy monitor with waveform. Using waveform, cameraman can judge exposure quickly and accurately. The difference between Kine camera and other camera is that Kine camera has two ways to examine the exposure: just RAW (w/ KineLOG) data or RAW(w/ KineLOG) + LUT data. RAW data is what sensor sees directly; and RAW+LUT data is more like human eyes, in waveform.

ZOOM and Focusing

Zoom to help focusing: full, 100%, 200%, 800%. Just press the Zoom button to toggle zoom ratio quickly. Zoom to 800% provides an interesting focusing signal: aliasing clear means focusing right.

Accurate Automatic WB

Accurate Automatic WB, you can deal with complicated lighting environment easily. Just use grey card or white card before lens, to set the WB accurately instantly. MAVO LF/MAVO would save the parameter into camera for later usage. Besides, MAVO LF/MAVO has two options for white-balance list: simple list and complete list. The complete list contains a long list for different lighting and different WB value (step is 50K) . For most cases, an appropriate WB setting you could find to match your condition.


For white balance, the new firmware brings tint tuning/color correction function besides the color temp (Blue and Yellow), which means photographer could adjust Green and Magenta based on the live-view image, for more accurate control over the color of the clip recorded.

Accurate and custom sensor fps

You can set any custom sensor fps between lowest (0.2fps at current firmware) and highest fps (different for different resolution and different framing), the accuracy is 0.001fps, while recording fps is set by project fps in the camera. Under full-frame image, you can casually record to 0.2~75fps @6K Wide and under S35 crop image, you can casually record to 0.2~100fps @4K Wide, so that you are free to create more amazing videos with different fps.

Presets for Parameters

In-Camera Presets are a set of parameters for recording: Resolution, FPS, Record format, Shutter speed, etc; and there are EIGHT in-camera presets, and it provides quick switch for these presets: BACK/VIEW button to pop up the Preset Shortcut list.

Anamorphic Lens

If you have anamorphic lens and want to give super wide effect, kine camera fulfills the dream. It supports 4K 4:3 and 6:5 anamorphic frame size, and de-squeeze images into normal images in liveview and playback, just setting the display ratio according to your anamorphic ratio. For example, you will get 8K image effect if you use 2:1 anamorphic lens in 4K 4:3 mode; All you have to do is set the anamorphic ratio in configure menu.

Framing Ratio: 2.39:1

Kine camera supports 2.39:1 liveview and recording natively, besides 16:9 or 2:1 framing ratio. 2.39:1 is DCI scope standard, which is often used in short film and cinema projection.

Smart FAN Control

Kine camera has in-camera fan to cool the camera itself and make camera work well in stable condition. Fan generates noise. You can choose Record Stop in Fan setting to make FAN stop works temporarily: Fan works when live view; Stops when recording begins so that it is totally quiet when recording. It is very important in quiet environment, and sensitive to any audible noise. Strongly Recommend fan running when hot weather.

Upgrade Firmware by USB

Kine camera functions more than just a data table by updating firmware. Updating firmware is easy and quick: download firmware, copy it into USB flash thumb, insert to USB port, press upgrade in the menu. The update job is done after 15 mins.

Real 3D Shots

Kine camera can take real 3D shots. Just one SYNC cable to connect two Kine camera SYNC port, set up Master and Slave instantly. 3D SYNC means: Scan sync, frame sync and time code sync, less than 5us of mismatch! For a multi-camera sync system (more than two), all Kine cameras need to be equipped with KineBACK-W. Besides, you should purchase a KineSYNC device and a few SYNC cords: one KineSYNC device can sync up to eight Kine cameras (one master camera and seven slave cameras).

Iris-Control on EF Lens

Kine camera supports majority of lenses with iris-control as soon as you buy camera with EF mounting adapter. Kine camera displays Iris number and tune it directly. Also you can just disable electronic active EF mounting adapter so that protects it from all-metal lens backend. Check the compatible lens white list.

EF Lens Compatible White-List