SCRATCH v8.0 Tutorial Vol 2

The tutorials were made by Assimilate Inc. We group into three volumes, total 20 videos. More tutorial videos can be found in, the official Vimeo account.

This page provides 6~11th video tutorials which are linked to Assimilate Vimeo directly. Visit SCRATCH v8.0 Tutorial Vol 1 for 1~5th video tutorials; Visit SCRATCH v8.0 Tutorial Vol 3 for 12~20th video tutorials, total 20 tutorials.

Besides, Kinefinity has also been making video tutorials, especially focusing on how to process KRW clips. The first video tutorial is KRW fast workflow  and transcoding into ProRes4444.

SCRATCH is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one, real-time solution for on-set production through the entire post-production workflow. It integrates a suite of tools that includes data management, dailies, playback, conform, colour grading, versioning, compositing, finishing and mastering for 2D/3D productions.


This tutorial shows how to load Lookup-tables into different locations within the color pipeline in SCRATCH.


7. Consolidate Media

This tutorial covers the topics related to consolidating your SCRATCH project such as: Isolate Project media, Copy or move media to new folder, Ensure all Media in the Project Media folder.

8. 3 stripes colorgrading and blending modes

This short tutorial explains how you can quickly create looks in Cyan, Magenta and Yellow using the “3 stripes” method (quiet similar to the “Technicolor 3 stripes process”). This is also the occasion to have a quick look at how Blending modes can be used in a color grading context.

9. Vertices

10. Anamorphic footage

This 5-min tutorial shows how to handle anamorphic footage in SCRATCH. You will learn how to set the correct aspect for the footage, the CONstruct,and how to setup file-exports with either an aspect ratio, or square aspect.

11. The Gallery

This video covers the following topics: Grouping shots, Comparing grades, Saving and applying partial grades, The Film Strip tool, The Memory banks, Synchonizing Galleries and User Settings with your MyAssimilate account.