SCRATCH v8.0 Tutorial Vol 3

The tutorials were made by Assimilate Inc. We group into three volumes, total 20 videos. More tutorial videos can be found in, the official Vimeo account.

This page provides 12~20th video tutorials which are linked to Assimilate Vimeo directly. Visit SCRATCH v8.0 Tutorial Vol 1 for 1~5th video tutorials; Visit SCRATCH v8.0 Tutorial Vol 2 for 6~11th video tutorials, total 20 tutorials.

Besides, Kinefinity has also been making video tutorials, especially focusing on how to process KRW clips. The first video tutorial is KRW fast workflow  and transcoding into ProRes4444.

SCRATCH is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one, real-time solution for on-set production through the entire post-production workflow. It integrates a suite of tools that includes data management, dailies, playback, conform, colour grading, versioning, compositing, finishing and mastering for 2D/3D productions.

12. Conor Management – Part 1

This tutorial has been designed to help you understand how SCRATCH manages the most used color spaces:
Linear/sRGB, Log/Film, Rec709, UHD, XYZ (DCI), ACES, WideGamut, Scene Linear, P3 (DCI) and AdobeRGB.
While some other systems require a “per project” color space, SCRATCH offers you the flexibility to mix various sources colors spaces within a single project and takes care of all the necessary color transforms up to your deliverables.


13. Color Management – Part 2

This “Advanced Techniques” tutorial covers some “Frequently Asked Questions” that shown up while addressing Color Management in SCRATCH v8.x

14. Plug-ins

This tutorial shows how to apply a plugin to a shot, or a complete timeline for DIT-, or compositing purposes. Shown will be SCRATCH’s native plugins, such as the Retimer- and Burnin-plugin, but also OFX-based plugins like BorisFX Continuum Complete.

15. SCRATCH & Grading Panels

This tutorial shows how to activate a third party grading panel in SCRATCH and create a custom mapping.

16. DCP-authoring

This tutorial shows how to use SCRATCH to convert your footage into XYZ color space, export it in DCI-compliant JPEG2000 codec, and finally use a freeware wrapping tool to create your DCP.

17. LiveGrade – Part1

This tutorial shows how to export 3D-LUTs from LiveGrade and use the LUT-matching function in SCRATCH to apply them.

18. LiveGrade – Part2

This tutorial shows how to export an ALE from LiveGrade and conform it in SCRATCH to apply all CDL-grades

19. SCRATCH Web – Part 1 – Publish media

This tutorial is intended to show you how to use the SCRATCH Publish function (available in SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab) to upload your constructs to your SCRATCH Web account located in MyASSIMILATE.

20. SCRATCH Web – Part 2 – Printed reports