MAVO LF Large-Format Cine Camera System @ 2019 NAB

C11535,April 8-11, NAB, Convention Center, Las Vegas. Kinefinity will attend the 2019 NAB show again. MAVO LF as flagship, MAVO S35, TERRA 4K as best entry-level cine camera, and large-format cine lens as MAVO Prime. Get to know our design philosophy as well as the easy and smooth shooting & post-workflow by MAVO and TERRA.

More importantly, Kinefinity also brings three new accessories and a new firmware to NAB 2019:

New Firmware for TERRA 4K: 4K 160fpsand2K 320fps

The latest firmware for TERRA 4K with big performance improvement: From 4K 100fps to 4K 160fps! From 2K 220fps to 2K 320fps! Such high frame rate can be in-camera recorded as ProRes and cDNG to SSD. And the latest firmware will be available in May.

Kine EVF


KineEVF: Full-HD OLED Viewfinder

KineEVF Full-HD OLED Viewfinder is the first viewfinder made by Kinefinity. Excellent optical design and full-HD micro-OLED 1080p display, the KineEVF delivers accurate and sharp image with 16M colors.

KineEVF Full-HD OLED Viewfinder features:

  • Excellent optical design with built-in diopter: there is not visually distortion and features very sharp images on KineEVF when you check images through  eyepiece;
  • Powerful FPGA process: process video signal by hardware to get zero delay, with minimum power consumption;
  • Full-HD Micro-OLED display: present super high contrasts, more pixels, higher resolution and true black and grey level.

Kine EVF

Kine LPL Mounting Adapter:fits the whole-new LPL mount

Newly designed LPL Mounting Adapter fits MAVO LF, MAVO and TERRA 4K with KineMOUNT. For example, it supports most LPL large format lenses on MAVO LF, like Signature Prime lenses of ARRI. Large format system can benefit a lot from LPL Mounting Adapter, which is possible to become the mainstream in future film industry, like PL mount system.

KineMON-7H: High-bright 7″ Monitor

KineMON-7H is the high-bright 7″ monitor made by Kinefinity dedicated to MAVO/TERRA. 1080p IPS LCD screen with AR coating and Anti-fingerprint coating, brightness up to 1000nit brings daylight visibility.

Only one Kine video cord is needed for the monitor to get power supply and video signal from MAVO/TERRA. KineMON-7H is easy to be mounted on the camera body firmly by using 5″ Strong Arm with damping for different needs.

Kine EVF


Besides, there are also MAVO LF with anamorphic in Atlas’s booth, MAVO LF with 12mm Laowa lenses in Laowa’s booth. also MAVO in Ikan’s booth and TERRA 4K in Tilta, Zhiyun and Accsoon.