SCRATCH v8.0 Tutorial Vol 1

The tutorials were made by Assimilate Inc. We group into three volumes, total 20 videos. More tutorial videos can be found in, the official Vimeo account.

This page provides 1~5th video tutorials which are linked to Assimilate Vimeo directly. Visit SCRATCH v8.0 Tutorial Vol 2 for 6~11th video tutorials; Visit SCRATCH v8.0 Tutorial Vol 3 for 12~20th video tutorials, total 20 tutorials.

Besides, Kinefinity has also been making video tutorials, especially focusing on how to process KRW clips. The first video tutorial is KRW fast workflow  and transcoding into ProRes4444.

SCRATCH is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one, real-time solution for on-set production through the entire post-production workflow. It integrates a suite of tools that includes data management, dailies, playback, conform, colour grading, versioning, compositing, finishing and mastering for 2D/3D productions.

1. SCRATCH v8.0 Basic Introduction

The section provides new users of SCRATCH about basic concepts, how to set up a project, and basic ideas of CONstruct, how to render out of clips.


2. Dailies workflow with SCRATCH

This tutorial from Andrew Wahlquist (“Local Hero”, Santa Monica), covers the main topics a DIT should control in order to provide efficient dailies to the offline editing. Those include color adjustments but also metadata management and audio relinking.

3. SCRATCH for Resolve Users

This section describes Difference and Similarities between SCRATCH and Resolve.

4. Creating Apple ProRes dailies on Windows

This tutorial shows you how easy it is to create ProRes dailies using the Apple-licensed ProRes encoder in SCRATCH and Lab…..on a Windows machine.

5. Balancing a shot

This quick tutorial explains how to neutralize any color dominance that might affect an image.